Equipping Your Officer

Having a strong base wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have great troops and properly equipped Officer. However, this post will be too long if we try to include both topics here. So for now, let’s focus on equipping your Officer with the proper suit.

We shared with you in Surviving in the Zombie World that your City comes with one Officer (Zane), and you can buy more Officers in-game. But having a lot of Officers will be useless if you didn’t maximize what they can do. There are two ways to do so: equipping them with the proper suit, and training them with the appropriate skill. Following is a summary of which suit and which skill is appropriate for which Officer.


Crafting Equipment

There are different suits available for crafting in your armory and each set requires different sets of materials for crafting. You can get these materials from boxes you win from events, from the store, or from crafting them in the armory. Before we continue, allow us to show you the anatomy of your armory.


  1. Details – This is where you can see information like what materials you can craft, your craft time reduction, and your power level.
  2. Speed Up – If you are getting impatient and want to finish what you’re crafting, this is the button for you.
  3. Craft – This is what you push when you want to start crafting your suit.
  4. Depot – If you want to check what equipment you already have for which suit or the materials that you currently have, you can check it right here.
  5. Materials – This is where you craft materials for your equipment.

As we have shown you in Building Your City (Supplementary Buildings), you need to upgrade your armory in order to unlock more materials for crafting:


For the purposes of this post, let us use Trailblazer Suit as an example. As soon as you are able (Armory unlocks at base level 5, Building Your City (Basic Buildings)), start crafting your Trailblazer Suit. This will allow you to maximize your gathering (Stockpiling Resources) so you can build your City faster.

You may or may not have the materials for crafting the Suit. So the first thing you have to do is go to your Armory then craft your materials.



Note: The quality of materials (more on this below) you can craft is white, and it will take some time to finish one. However, if you are not keen on spending money on this game, this is the way to go for you.

You can check your armory depot once in a while to see what materials you already have:


You can check if you have enough materials to craft an equipment from the craft function of your armory:


Once you see “Craft” in each equipment, it means that you have enough materials to start crafting. This is where the quality of materials comes in.

It just makes sense that a higher quality equipment gives you more bonuses than a lower quality equipment. So your goal is to make equipment with high quality.

Note: Materials are used to make an equipment. Several equipment makes up a full suit.

The quality of materials are designated by color:

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow

White has the lowest quality, yellow has the highest. The bonuses shown for each material is what you get when you craft yellow. Crafting a lower quality material will give you a fraction of the posted bonuses.

In order to craft a higher quality equipment, you need to use higher quality materials. If you have white, you need to combine them to get a green or higher.

There are two ways you can combine materials. One is by:

Armory -> Depot -> Materials -> Material you want to combine -> Combine

Another way is by going directly to the equipment you want to craft:

  1. Go to your Armory
  2. Select Craft
  3. Select the Suit you want to make
  4. Select the equipment you want to craft
  5. Select the material you want to combine

Shown below is an example of crafting a Trailblazer Climbing Axe.


When you click Epoxy Resin Glue for example, you will see as indicated by the arrow, how many materials you have available. You need four materials of the same color in order to combine them and get a higher quality material. In the example above, you have 54 white, 7 green, 1 blue, 1 purple, and 1 orange Epoxy Resin Glue.

Click “Combine” and you will be redirected to the page shown above.

Get Materials – When you don’t have enough to combine, you can click this button and you will be redirected to this page:


If you have boxes saved that contain the materials of the suit you intend to craft as I do, the game will just prompt you to open these boxes. Otherwise, you will need to spend some diamonds to get the materials.

Note: These boxes will give you random materials. There is no guarantee that you will get specifically what you are looking for, but it will give you either a green or a purple material depending on the box that you will buy. It sometimes gives you rare materials, too.

Tip: Craft those equipment which do not require rare materials first. If you craft those with rare materials first and the boxes you bought gave you a rare material, you will end up with materials you don’t have any use for. It is an unnecessary waste of your precious diamonds.

Combine – This button will combine one set of your White Epoxy Resin Glue to get a Green Epoxy Resin Glue.

Combine All – This button will combine all your White Epoxy Resin Glue to get several Green Epoxy Resin Glue.

Now, let us say for example, you have all the required materials to craft a Trailblazer Climbing Axe. However, they are of different quality from each other as shown below.


Your chance of crafting a quality Trailblazer Climbing Axe is indicated by the encircled boxes above – 25% green, 28.6% blue, 28.6% purple, and 17.8% orange. Meaning, the crafting process may give you a green, a blue, a purple, or an orange Axe. If you are a risk taker, and it is fine with you whatever the outcome might be, then go ahead and press craft (of course you need to have enough fusion cores to complete the process).

However, we do not encourage anyone to do that. There are two reasons why:

  1. You won’t get your fusion core back when you decide to split the equipment and attempt to get the materials back.
  2. If you were able to craft a blue Axe from the example above and eventually decide to split it to try to craft another one with higher quality, you will only get blue materials back. It won’t matter if you used an orange steel wire (rare).

Tip: Craft equipment only when your materials are of the same color as you would want your equipment to be.

It is advisable to craft equipment with minimum blue quality because of the extra bonuses you can get.


On the picture above, Average Suit refers to Blue, Superior Suit refers to Purple, Epic Suit refers to Orange, and Legendary Suit refers to Yellow. These bonuses are added on top of the bonuses you get from each Equipment.

Tip: You can aim to craft a complete Blue Trailblazer Suit to get all the add on bonuses for Average Suit while waiting to complete the required materials for a higher level Suit. The ultimate goal is of course to craft a complete Yellow Trailblazer Suit.

After crafting each equipment, you have to let your Officer wear them.


If you already have several Officers, you need to click on the Officer you would want to wear the equipment you crafted. Click on the plus signs beside your Officer and choose the equipment you would want him/her to wear. Voila! Your Officer is equipped.

Now that you know how to make your Officer stronger, go on and try to craft a few equipment yourself. If you need further clarifications on crafting your equipment, you can always drop us an email and we will get back at you as soon possible. 🙂





Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions with little time to read through all what we’ve written so far or you may want to know about stuff we haven’t had time to write about, so we decided to create this post just for you (thanks Ima for this great suggestion 🙂 ). We will direct you to certain blog posts for a detailed discussion on certain topics. Cheers!

What is Last Empire-War Z?

Last Empire-War Z is primarily a strategy game with an ultimate goal of YOU being one of the most powerful in your state. This will of course involve killing threats, but it is advisable that you play smart and not let your emotions get the better of you (read: don’t attack anyone who pisses you off because it might be more harmful for you than them).

This game is free to play with optional in-app purchases (yes, it is possible to play this game without buying anything). For more information on how to start playing, please refer to Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z.

Why do I need to play Last Empire-War Z?

You don’t need to. But if you are one of those who are into strategy games, this one is worth a try. It is easy to play with enough complexity to keep you interested. So go ahead and download the game. Try it for a week or two to see if this is for you.

What are the key points I need to remember?

Last Empire-War Z is a fusion of different elements–Building, Technology, Officer, Equipment, Troops, Resources, Alliance, and State.

You need to upgrade your Buildings and Technology to become stronger. Upgrading buildings unlock higher level troops, while researching technologies enhance their potential.

Your Officer, when equipped with proper suit, will help you win more battles, gather more resources, or defend your City better.

How much resources you have will dictate how much upgrading you can do, and how much troops you can train. It is therefore wise to save as much resources as you can. (Stockpiling Resources)

The Alliance you are in will determine how fast you will grow in this game. It is not, however, dependent on the size of the Alliance. It is on how open your Alliance is in communicating with its members and how friendly it is with other Alliances within your State.

Aside from being one of the strongest in the State, will I get rewards in accomplishing the things you mentioned above?

There are minor and major events in the game which gives out rewards when you met its minimum requirement. The rewards are items you will need in the game (Exploring Your Inventory) like resources and diamonds.

What are these events?

We like to categorize the events within the game – Minor and Major Events. Major Events include Cross State Battle, Desert Oasis, and Military Fort Tanner Battle; while Minor Events include Single Player Arms Race, Alliance Arms Race, and Zombie Siege. Some of these events are held simultaneously, so it is wise to play it to your advantage to maximize the rewards you can get.

You can always check your Activity Center on which events are being held at the moment, or how long you need to wait for your favorite event.

We will be posting here a link of detailed instructions on how to maximize each event in the next few weeks. However, you can check the following information below for an overview of each event.

What is Cross-State Battle?

Cross-State Battle (CSB) is held every two weeks. Two states battle it out for seven days in six different phases:

  1. Gather Phase
  2. Kill Zombies Phase
  3. Upgrade Technology Phase
  4. Upgrade Building Phase
  5. Troop Training Phase
  6. Kill Event Phase

These phases are randomly dished out, so you’ll never know when each of the phases will happen during the week of CSB. However, it is pretty much a given that Kill Event Phase (2 days) happens last.

There are three types of rewards in CSB:

  1. Individual Rewards
  2. Alliance Rewards
  3. State Rewards

Both Individual and Alliance Rewards require you and your Alliance to earn a set number of points before you can earn a reward. State Rewards on the other hand, is given to the winning State regardless of the amount of points it earned.

The winning State is announced at the end of each day, and rewards are sent out to each member of the winning State before the start of the next phase. Please note, however, that you have to earn at least 3000 points for you to qualify for the State Reward.

What is Desert Oasis Event?

Desert Oasis is similar to Cross-State Battle (CSB). It lasts for five days, with the following phases:

  1. Gather Phase
  2. Upgrade Technology Phase
  3. Upgrade Building Phase
  4. Troop Training Phase
  5. Kill Event Phase

The only major difference between the two is the number of States you are up against. You need to defeat three States during Desert Oasis compared with just one in CSB.

What is Military Fort Tanner Battle?

This is a battle for the strongest player in the world of Last Empire-War Z. Qualified players will compete with each other to successfully occupy Fort Tanner. The Commander who successfully occupies Fort Tanner will be awarded the title of Emperor.

You need to satisfy the following conditions to qualify for this event:

  1. Combat Power: 20,000,000
  2. Your State is allowed to participate in the battle
  3. Base Level: 30
  4. You have a Tanner Invitation

What is Single Player Arms Race?

This is a minor event which happens every day except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Point requirement and rewards will depend on your base level – the higher your base level, the higher the point requirement, and the greater the rewards.

Single Player Arms Race runs multiple times during the day, lasting for 2.5 hours each time.

What is Alliance Arms Race?

Unlike Single Player Arms Race, Alliance Arms Race runs at approximately 8 hours each time every Tuesday and Thursday. Rewards for this event is dependent on the collective effort of your Alliance.

What is Zombie Siege?

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays, your Alliance can opt to engage the Zombie Siege from the Activity Center. Once activated, Zombies from Level 1 to 25 will come pay your City a visit. Each successful defense will earn you points, and these points have corresponding rewards.

Peace shields have no effect on Zombies. You cannot stop them from coming to your City. During this time, it is wise to have all your troops in your base, have your defense boost active if you have any, and wait it out. Minimal soldiers will get wounded, if any.

The activity ends when all of you are defeated twice by the Zombies.



This post will be updated as we go along, so please bear with us. You can send us an email for questions we have yet to answer and we will post it right here as soon as we are able.


Stockpiling Resources

It’s been a week since we last posted, and we apologize for that. We got caught up in this week’s Cross State Battle, thinking of ways on how to beat the other State we’re up against. Anyway, that is not our topic for this blog, but it somehow influenced us on how we are going to write about technology.

As we’ve mentioned before, your technology will make or break you (we will never get tired of saying this). You can be a level 30, but if you’re technology sucks, then anyone with a solid tech will beat you.

In Surviving in the Zombie World we enumerated 22 current technologies you can research. All of them complement each other in one way or another, so we decided to write about technologies according to what they do instead of starting with all basic techs then moving forward. Just this one time (we think), we will also discuss the equipment and skills necessary so you can hoard all the resources you want at the fastest possible time.

Having said that, you are now warned that this will be a longer post than usual and that numbers will play a big part in this post LOL. (But we will try to keep it to a minimum. 😛 )

Basic Resources

You will need resources in everything that you will ever do in this game, and as you level up, you will find that each upgrade costs a LOT more than the previous one. It is at times frustrating, most especially if you don’t want to spend money on this game (like us).

We have taught you the importance of upgrading the plots inside your City to up your resource income (Building Your City (Basic Buildings)) and how to gather from plots outside your City (Earning Your Way to the Top). However, relying on these two alone will not be enough for future developments.

At the very least, you need to develop your technology on Basic Resources to help you earn resources more efficiently. Basic Resources is the first technology you will be able to research. (You will only need to have a Level 1 Institute to start researching. )


Fuel Purification I and Fertilizer I increase your fuel and food income, respectively, by as much as 10%.

Tip: Finish researching these two as soon as possible to help you better manage the resources required to build your City.

As mentioned before, your Depot protects your resources up to a point. Researching Depot Expansion I will help you increase the amount of resources protected by as much as 10,000 of each type of resource. This may not look impressive, but it still helps (and it’s cool 🙂 ). However, you can only start researching Depot Expansion I once your Institute is at level 5.

At the start of the game, your rate of gathering fuel and food is at 10,800 units/hour. Fracture Oil Extraction I and Refrigerated Shipment I increase your fuel and food gathering speed by as much as 28%. This will let you finish a level 1 fuel and food plot in 1 hour and 18 minutes, instead of 1 hour and 40 minutes. This may not mean much, but when you are at a higher level base and you haven’t improved on anything to make gathering easier for you, 28% increase in speed will mean you only need 14 hours to finish a level 10 fuel or food plot rather than 18 hours. That’s 4 hours right there.

Steel Rolling I and Heated Furnace I are for steel and alloy production (10% increase), respectively, while Blast Mining I and Alloy Refining I are for steel and alloy gathering speed (28% increase), respectively.

Diamond Refining I, on the other hand, is of course for diamond gathering. However, it will only increase your gathering speed up to 10%. Base gathering speed for diamonds is at 3 diamonds/hr. I know, it’s too slow.

Tip: We use our troops to gather Fuel, Food, Steel, and Alloy instead of Diamonds. There are different events in your Activity Center which will make your City stronger by performing the required tasks, and earn diamonds in the process. Sweet, right? 🙂

But even so, it is definitely worth it to finish researching all the technologies under Basic Resources. Because once you max it out, you will get an additional buff – additional 8% defense during resource battles.


Note: If you will remember, we mentioned in Earning Your Way to the Top that plots outside your City can also be attacked. When you are gathering from a plot and were hit, all you have to depend on is your troops’ defensive capabilities. As such, activating this defense buff will help you a lot in winning that battle.

Advanced Resources

Advanced Resources is, surprise surprise, the next level of technologies for your resources. 🙂 These are more expensive to research, but they also give out more boosts for you. Fuel and Food Production will give you 30% additional boost on top of your initial 10% from Basic Resources. However, you need to satisfy these conditions in order to unlock Advanced Resources:


Maxing it out will give you an attack buff of 10% for resource battles. This will make it easier for you to win the fight whenever you have the urge to take over a resource plot.

Note: All of the buffs you will activate when you max out each category, will remain active forever.

Suspension System 

Another technology you can work on to help you gather efficiently, is your Suspension System I and Suspension System II under Basic City Development and Advanced City Development, respectively. This technology is focused on your Troop Load, which is basically how much your troops can carry when they march. Working on this will mean you need to send out lesser amount of troops in gathering from a plot. It will also mean you can now move forward and gather from a higher level plot.

We know that Suspension System is under City Development technologies, where not all are about resource gathering. However, maxing out all technologies under this category will give you an additional buff for Troop Load.


Cross-State Battle Technology

We have mentioned above that we were caught up with this week’s Cross-State Battle (CSB). It is not just some excuse we thought of using so you’ll forgive us for not posting about technology sooner. 😛 There is an activity every other week called Cross-State Battle where your State is up against another State. It lasts for 7 days, with different tasks every day (more on this on later posts).

One of the phases in CSB is gather phase. As such, the developers (bless them) included two technologies which will help you gather more resources effectively and efficiently during CSB.


Full-scale Production is for your gathering speed, while Carrying Capacity is for your Troop Load. These two technologies are AWESOME, because it increases your gathering speed and troop load of up to 60%. This is on top of your existing boosts.

Note: The boosts you get from these technologies are only applicable during CSBs.


Notice, however, that aside from resources, you also need to use Silver Medals to research CSB technologies. Your Institute should also be at least at level 10 before you can start working on these.

Officer Skill

Your very first Officer/Commander in this game is Zane. You may opt to buy other Officers in the future using your money or diamonds, but as a starting point, you get Zane. Every time you earn an EXP, you can use it to help Zane level up, as we have discussed in Surviving in the Zombie World. At every level, Zane receives skill points which you can then use to hone his Skills.


There are three groups of skills available for each Officer:

  1. Combat
  2. Develop
  3. Support

We will discuss these in detail in another post. We want you to focus on Develop at the moment. For the purpose of this discussion, we will only show you a few of the skills you can start training Zane with:


  1. Building Speed Up I – Allows you to construct your buildings 2.5% times faster
  2. Research Speed Up I – Shortens your research time by 2.5%
  3. Bumper Harvest – This is an Active Skill which immediately gives you 5 hours of resource income from plots. This skill requires 8 hours cool down time.
  4. Fuel Income I or Food Income I – Increases either your fuel or food income by 10%
  5. Fuel Gathering I or Food Gathering II – Increases either your fuel or food gathering speed by 5%
  6. Super Depot I – Gives your depot an additional protected capacity of 100,000
  7. Fuel Income II, Food Income II, Steel Income I – Increases your fuel, food, or steel income by 30%
  8. Fuel Gathering II, Food Gathering II, Steel Gathering I – Increases your fuel, food, or steel gathering speed by 10%
  9. Considerable Collection – This is an active skill where your gathering speed is increased by 100% for 2 hours. Cool down time is 20 hours.

Tip: We highly recommend you start with honing Zane’s Develop skills instead of Combat or Support, because you will need to have as much resources as possible when starting. Having tons of resources will allow you to develop more technologies and upgrade more buildings.

It is your choice which of the three resources you will first focus on. YOU DON’T HAVE TO STUDY EACH OF THE RESOURCE ITEMS ON THE LIST to move forward to the next level. You may choose to focus on food or fuel first. Of course, it is best if you studied all. But bear in mind that you will only get a few skill points whenever Zane levels up. So based on experience, we think it’s best if you focus on one resource first so you can get Bumper Harvest and Considerable Collection ASAP.  (It’s ultimately your choice, though 🙂 )

Note: You can play around with your skill points if you wanted to. Did you notice the “Reset Points” box beside your available Skill Points on top? The one with 1000 diamonds? You can use that button to reset your skills learned. It will cost you 1000 diamonds each time, but you can play around with your skill points and see what works best for you.


Last but not the least, you have to craft your equipment. Your Armory offers several equipment you may craft. Each equipment complements an Officer. However, we won’t be discussing that here. A separate blog post will be dedicated for those as we have mentioned before. We will only be giving you an overview of the Trailblazer Suit.


As you can see, there are 7 equipment under the Trailblazer Suit. Crafting each of these will give you boosts for specific resource items. Each equipment has different qualities, though. And lower quality equipment will only give you so much boost.

How do you make a higher quality equipment? Simple, you just need to combine your materials before you craft your equipment. Shown here is an example of crafting an equipment.


The materials required are shown above, using the highest quality materials you have in your material depot. The percentage you see in the colored bars show you the probability of crafting like-colored equipment: 28.6% chance of getting a purple axe vs 71.4% chance of getting an orange axe.

Tip: You can start crafting this and hope that you will get an orange. But a word to the wise: since an orange material requires a combination of 4 purple materials (as shown on the right side of the picture above), it is best to wait for an all-orange material before crafting your axe.

So why craft a complete trailblazer suit? Because aside from getting boosts for gathering speed, resource production and troop load from each equipment crafted, you will also get the following boosts as summarized below:


Crafting 7 blue equipment will give you an additional 37.5% in resource capacity, 13.1% additional gathering speed, and 9.4% more resources from each plot you gathered. Imagine if you were able to craft 7 yellow trailblazer equipment. A level 10 fuel plot which has 1,020,000 units of fuel will give you approximately 1,530,000 units of fuel instead. Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂 It’s like gathering from one level 10 plot and one level 7 plot with just one set of troops.

Tip: Start crafting a complete Trailblazer Suit with minimum blue quality, ASAP. It will give you a good enough boost while making the materials required for higher quality equipment.

We know that these numbers are crazy. But what’s important for you to take note of is in order to move forward fast in Last Empire War Z, you need to have as close to unlimited resources as possible. You cannot do that by relying on your basic gathering skills alone.



Building Your City (Basic Buildings)

We shared with you in Surviving in the Zombie World how constructing and upgrading buildings help you develop your power and make your survival in the zombie apocalypse easier.

However, there are too many buildings you can develop that we decided to put up a separate blog post regarding them. And we are putting up not just one blog post, but two. This will allow us to give you a more detailed discussion (that we deem necessary) for all those buildings.

On this blog post, we will be limiting ourselves to those that will affect your City development when starting. Next blog post will touch more on the others.


Your base is THE most important building in your City. For one, this is the building which gives you the most power to your City.


Two, the level of your base will determine which buildings you may start constructing and up to which level.


Note: You can only upgrade any building, up to the current level of your base.

Tip: When you are starting, it is wise to construct and upgrade all the buildings that you can, parallel with your base. This ensures that you will benefit from the all the features available to you. (Read: Try to be a little patient in upgrading your base)


Your wall is the primary defensive building of your City. It determines how much bomb you could make and store, and the amount of damage you can sustain from attacks.


When you are defeated from an attack, your City will burn. The amount of time it will take before the fire extinguishes, will depend on the amount of damage you incurred. However, you can extinguish the fire at any time to stop the damage. Doing so will cost you 50 diamonds a pop.


It is essential that you repair your wall and restore you City Defense to its maximum value. You have to note, however, that you can only restore your City Defense 80 units every 30 minutes.

Note: Once your City Defense reaches zero, your City will be transferred to a random location in your State to allow you to recover.

Training Camps

As the name implies, these are the buildings where you train your troops. There are four training camps in Last Empire War-Z:

  1. Warrior Camp – where you train your Infantry
  2. Shooter Camp – where you train your Shooters
  3. Vehicle Factory (unlocks at base level 5) – where you train your Cavalry
  4. Biochemical Center (unlocks at base level 10) – where you train your Zombies

Your training camps can each train a minimum of 10 troops at any given time. This is all you will be able to train unless you have your Shelter (see below). Upgrading your training camps will enable you to train higher level troops as shown in the table below.


The higher the level of your troops, the higher the combat power they have. We will discuss your troops’ attributes in a later post.

Tip: We know we highly encourage you to upgrade your other buildings as you upgrade your base. However, when we are running low on resources and we are almost at the base level where new troops will be unlocked, we just upgrade our walls and base first then let the others catch up.

So for example, our base is at level 21 and our camps are still at level 20, we just upgrade our base to level 22 then upgrade our camps to 22 as well. After that, we play catch up with all the other buildings. That way, we get a new set of higher level troops.

Military Factory

Bombs are made in your Military Factory (unlocks at base level 3). There are three types of bombs that are available to you:

  1. Grenade – works against Infantry
  2. Mine – works against Cavalry
  3. Firebomb – works against Shooter

Similar with your Training Camps, different bombs are unlocked at different levels of your Military Factory. The higher the level of your bombs, the more damage it causes.


Tip: It pays to make all types of bombs as soon as you are able to ensure that your City has additional protection from intruders. Also, once you can make higher level bombs, you can destroy the lower level bombs to make room for your more powerful ones. However, do not destroy your bombs unless you can replace them right away. Lower level bombs are still better than an insufficient number of bombs.


We have shared with you time and again how important it is to have sufficient resources for your City development, and we have taught you ways on how to get them (Earning from the Comfort of Your HomeEarning Your Way to the Top). It is equally important to protect these resources from other players who may wish to plunder them from you.


Your Depot will help you protect your resources, albeit only up to a certain amount (see Table below). Once you have found your groove, and is able to gather and save up resources, you may find that what your Depot can protect is not nearly enough for what you have. Notice, however, that the resources protected as pictured above has additional 212,000 each. This additional protected resources are from the researched technology, as well as Officer’s skill.


Tip: If you are saving up for a base upgrade or any upgrade that will take a lot of resources which will exceed the amount protected by your Depot, it is always wise to shield up. Or you can always join an alliance who may afford you an additional protection.


We’ve been going on and on about how awesome technologies are. We won’t be enumerating each of them here, nor are we going to discuss in detail each technology. We will have separate blog posts for that. Yes, posts. You’ll thank us for that, I guarantee you. 😉

So yes, the magic of your Institute will be discussed separately. Anyway, what we will show you here is how much your Institute may contribute to your City’s power.


You will also soon realize, that some technologies may only be researched if your Institute is at a certain level. That is why we also try to upgrade our Institute as soon as possible. We want to maximize what we can research to make one formidable City.

Logistics Center

How much troops you can send in one go is determined by which level your Logistics Center is at. The higher its level, the more troops you can send out.


Tip: This is one of the buildings we usually upgrade first right after we upgrade our base. We want a larger marching army size because it allows us to defeat higher level zombies in the wild, defeat other Cities, and gather resources from higher level plots because of higher loads.


One of the most useful buildings you can have in your City is a Radar. Level 1 Radar is already constructed in your City when you start the game. But of course, you will need to upgrade your Radar to afford yourself a more detailed report of enemies about to attack your City, and scout reports of the Cities you wish to attack.


Tip: Upgrade your Radar as soon as you can. It is wise to know your enemy’s capabilities so you can better protect your City, or prepare for an offensive.


We have mentioned above that your Training Camps can only train 10 troops at any given time. In order to increase the amount of troops you can train, you will need Shelters. As shown in the table below, Shelters don’t just increase your training capacity, it also gives a boost to your training speed.


Tip: We only maintain at most 3 shelters, but we upgrade them to the maximum level possible everytime. We allot all other available plots for hospital and resources.


Your troops won’t be invincible. When they are sent to battle, kill zombies, or attacked, some get wounded while some die. If you have enough hospitals to accommodate the wounded, you will be able to heal them (using resources). Otherwise, they will also die.


Tip: We maintain at least 8 hospitals in our City. This helps us a lot most especially during Kill Events (more on these later), where the chances of getting hit is higher. It is still cheaper to heal troops than to train new ones.


As we have mentioned in Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z, there are four types of resource plots in Last Empire War Z: fuel, food, steel, and alloy. We also were able to share with you in Earning from the Comfort of Your Home and Earning Your Way to the Top how you can gather all these resources for your City Development.

There is not much else to say about plots, to be honest. However, let us put this up here: plots, just like any of your building, will get more expensive to upgrade as you go along. And just by looking at the income/hr each plot provides you, you may think that it is not worth it to upgrade your plots and spend a million resources just to increase your income several units an hour. But, in the greater scheme of things, we realized that it is indeed worth it to upgrade your plots to where your base level is at. Those little addition to your income still boils down to a lot of resources at the end of the day.

Tip: When starting, you can upgrade your resource plots (oil well and farm) up to level 5 even if your base level is only at level 1. Plots only require your base to be up to a certain level when you are upgrading it to level 6 and above.

Your building’s features/capabilities may be enhanced by using technology or your Officer’s skills. We would like to reiterate that it pays to research as much as you are able to further maximize what your buildings give you. (We know we’ve been harping about this for so long now. We will give share with you a discussion on technologies after we post  about the supplementary buildings)

There will come a time when you will run low on resources and you have to choose which buildings to upgrade and which to leave behind. But you don’t have to worry about it for now. All you have to do is follow some of our tips we have given you so far and what we will give you in the future (as long as you’re comfortable with it), and we guarantee that you will slay this game.



Exploring Your Inventory

We’ve been talking about some items being dropped by zombies in the wild or given as a rewards in activities. However, we haven’t really identified these items yet. In order to make up for this, we have this post just for you. 🙂

One of the best places to see all the possible items you may have in Last Empire War Z is from the store. As mentioned in Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z, you may access the store from your inventory.


There are a lot of items in the store, and we will try to explain each one of them as much as we can. These items are categorized as: War, Buff, Resources, and Others. Let us ignore for a while all prices quoted in diamonds for each item.


If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a war game. As with any war game, the one with the best strategy wins. There will be instances when you are at war with an alliance or another state (more on this later), and having these items may mean success or defeat.


Random Teleports allow you to leave your current spot to avoid being hit by an incoming attacker. However, unlike Advanced Teleport which allows you to choose your next location, this will bring you to a random spot in the State.

Tip: It is best to use Advanced Teleport if you can afford it. Bookmarking a desired location in advance is also advisable before engaging in any kind of war. This will give you the best chance of getting away from a hostile City or Alliance (if you would need to), or getting as close as possible to your target.

The speed in which your Troops will get to your destination will depend on which level they are in and the type of troop you are sending out. If you will ever find yourself in a tight bind, where you need to go somewhere a bit far out but you are out of teleports, you can use these March Acceleration items to speed up your troops.

On the other hand, if your troops are on their way to gather resources or to hit another City, and there is an urgent need for them to be back to defend your City, you may use your March Recall item.   Advanced Recall however, may be used when you are in a rally with Alliance Members and you would wish to pull your troops back in.


Tip: March Acceleration items won’t make you get to your target location in an instant. It will only make your troops faster by 25% or 50%. So it is wise to use them only if your marching will take more than 10 minutes (this will still depend on how patient/impatient you are, of course).

Note: You may not use March Recall or Advanced Recall on your Troops who are on their way back to your City.


Wars don’t only happen outside your City. There will be times when you will need to defend your City from other Cities or Zombies. Alloy Barrels will help you construct a powerful Tower (more on this on our next post) to defend against attackers.

War Horns on the other hand, is required for the construction of your Headquarters (we will discuss this in detail on a later post).


We have told you numerous times how your City Development depends on how much resources you have (you may even be getting sick of hearing it from us, lol). There are resources within your City which may be helpful, but is usually not enough. There are also resources outside your City which you can gather and save. Normally, these resources may be sufficient for your City development. However, one of the most useful items you could ever get from Last Empire War Z are boxes of resources.


These boxes are stored in your inventory and may be used at any time you may need it. Sometimes, all it takes to be able to level up your base are a few of these boxes.

Tip: Use these boxes only when absolutely necessary. If you are only lacking a few resources, it is wise to just let your Troops gather those resources outside your City than use some of these boxes.


Using buffs, whether for defense or offense, is part of the game. Peace Shield is one of the most powerful defensive buffs you could ever have.


Shields ward off any attempt of an opponent to attack or even scout you. However, Shields won’t protect you from missile attacks.

Tip: Use of peace shields is highly encouraged, most especially when you are at war with another state and you have no intention of participating in the battle, or when you are stockpiling resources for your upgrades. You wouldn’t want your hard work to be for naught, would you? 🙂


You may also use an Attack Bonus or Defense Bonus, whenever you deem it necessary. Attack Bonus will help boost your Troops’ attacking capabilities when hitting Zombies or other Cities. Defense Bonus will help your City withstand more powerful attacks.

Tip: We love using Defense Bonus boosts during Zombie Sieges (more on this later posts). We use Attack Bonus boost together with Defense Bonus boost during Kill Events.

Whether you are as impatient as we are, or you value each and every second you spend in playing this game, Gather Bonus is one you may want to invest on. Using this item will enable your Troops to farm a plot 50% faster than usual.


Note: Gather Bonus you buy from the Store will give you a 24-hour boost in gathering speed. However, there are also Gather Bonus items which will only give you an 8-hour boost. The 8-hour Gather Bonus boosts are usually dropped as rewards.

If you feel your Marching Army (more on this next post) is too small for comfort, you may opt to use a 25% Max March Boost to increase the maximum number of marching troops you can have. This boost lasts for 4 hours, and is especially useful during battles.


Other useful items during battles are Anti-Scout and False Army. Remember when we told you to scout first before hitting any City to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew?  Well, opposing Cities may use an Anti-Scout to make you think twice in hitting them. Cities with this buff will be protected from scouting even if they are not shielded.

False Army on the other hand, will double the amount of defending troops you have inside your City. So if you have say, 10,000 defending troops, scouts will reveal 20,000. It makes you a little more scary, don’t you think? 😉

Tip: Choose wisely which of these two buffs you are going to use (using both at the same time is a waste of buffs). We personally prefer Anti-Scouts because we ourselves will think twice of attacking a City if we don’t know what’s in store for us.

One more useful buff, most especially for those who were able to train a lot of troops, are food reduction buffs.


Your Troops will eat voraciously. Let me say it again – VORACIOUSLY. I won’t say I blame them. They gather resources for you, they defend your City, and they attack opposing Cities. That is some workout you are giving them!

If you want to save food for upgrades, then these Food Reduction Boosts buffs are for you. Minor Food Cost Reduction buff will reduce the amount of your troop upkeep (Read: The amount of food your troops eat) by 25%, while Major Food Cost Reduction buff reduces your troop upkeep by 50%.

Tip: Seeing that these buffs don’t come cheap, check first the cause of your high troop upkeep. You may research troop upkeep technology (we will discuss this in detail in succeeding posts), or reduce the number of your troops, before using this buff.


Other items which will help you become a City to reckon with, may be found here. One of which are the Material Chests. These chests contain materials you can use in crafting suits for your Officers (I hate to say this one more time, but we will discuss this in detail in one of our future posts).


Note: Buying these chests may be tempting to make your equipment crafting faster. However, we will teach you how you can get more of the materials you will need without spending any diamonds, in future posts. So hang tight, and keep those diamonds safe.


To get an additional Officer, you will need 6,000 Recruit Cards. Each of the Officers featured above have skills which you may make more powerful by equipping them with appropriate suits. Knowing which suit to equip each Officer with is a topic for future discussions. 😉 For now, humor us and continue orienting yourself with these in-game items:


We mentioned earlier that we are a bit impatient. There are times when we want instant gratification; most especially when we are upgrading our bases one level up to unlock a feature we are looking forward to for ages. These speed ups are our best friends during such trying times.

There are different types of Speed-ups in this game:

  1. Technology Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to research technologies
  2. Building Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to construct a building
  3. Troop Training Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to train your Troops
  4. Troop Healing Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to heal your Troops
  5. Bomb Building Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to build bombs
  6. Speed Ups or General Speed Up (as we normally refer to them) – used to reduce the time of any task you may have

Tip: Use your speed ups when doing so will earn you more rewards (e.g., during different activities). Try to be patient otherwise 😉

Let us go off a bit before we continue talking about the items in this game. No one is forcing you to check in at least once everyday. However, doing so is highly recommended because of additional rewards you may get and boosts you may receive. You may sign in everyday via the building beside your Rescue Center.


Signing in doesn’t just give you additional items, it also gives you VIP points.


These VIP points will accumulate until you reach a VIP level (of course, we all start at level 1). Different boosts/features unlock on each VIP level (we will discuss this more on a separate post).

Note: The VIP points you get from signing in is directly added to your previous VIP points. No boxes are issued.

On to regular programming. VIP points may also be dropped by zombies or from the store. These points will be given to you in boxes, goes straight to your inventory, and may be added to your existing points at any time you may wish to do so.


However, even if you reached full bar for your VIP points, its effects will only last for 24 hours. You need to activate VIP effects before you can benefit from it. Doing Single Player Arms Race may help you get  30-min VIP, 1-hr VIP, or 1-day VIP. These may be stacked, so you get to benefit from your VIP status for longer. Notice that our VIP is effective for 21 days more.

Tip: We prefer holding back on using our 1-Day VIP boxes until we reached VIP 6. If you really needed to use one even before you reached VIP 6, you may do so, but sparingly.  Better boosts await you from VIP 6, and we just find it worth it to use our free VIP boxes from this point onwards.

Lastly, we have these other useful items:


  1. Change Image – You are given a default image for your Profile when you start the game. In order to change your Avatar using the ones provided in-game, you have to use this item. However, this item is not required when you wish to change your Avatar with an uploaded photo.
  2. Move Buildings – When we started playing, we just were not thinking straight and just put our buildings wherever. Only when our obsessive-compulsive tendencies kicked in did we ever thought of arranging the buildings a certain way. However, we found out that short of demolishing your buildings, you can only rearrange your buildings if you use this item. (Bummer!)
  3. Rename – You will be given one free Rename item when you start. So think of a really cool name you can live with for the rest of your gaming life in Last Empire War Z before using your free item. Because once you’ve used it up, every rename will cost you 2,000 diamonds a pop.
  4. Virus Stock – Virus Stocks are a requirement to construct and upgrade your Biochemical Center (more on this on later posts).
  5. Fusion Core – We shared above that your Officers become more powerful and effective if they are equipped with suits that are a great match to their skills. In order to craft these suits, you need fusion core.

Note: You can also get some of these items from your Alliance Store, where these items won’t cost you diamonds. Yes, you need to be a part of an alliance to get this awesome feature of the game.

So there you have it, we have enumerated as much items as we can in this post. We hope that this helps you in understanding each item you get, better. Let us end this post with a sample inventory where you can see most of these items.




Earning Your Way to the Top

We already shared with you ways of Earning from the Comfort of Your Home, so as promised, we will share with you how you can also get resources outside your City.

In Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z, we showed you the game’s User Interface inside your City. So we think it is only fitting that we show you what the outside world looks like.user-interface

  1. Your City. As we’ve mentioned before, you will be given a 3-day shield once you start playing, to help you protect your City from attacks. Once you go outside, you will be taken just right outside of your City.
  2. Ruins. You can explore ruins to earn resources and EXP.
  3. Plots. These are the same as the plots inside your City, except for the fact that you have to send your troops to gather the resources on each plot.
  4. Coordinates. Each of the things you see outside your City has its own unique coordinates. Coordinates are written as 1011:345. This creates a link which makes it easier for people to go the specified location at once.
  5. Zombies. There are different level zombies in the wild. These zombies drop items which we will enumerate below.
  6. Home Button. This button directs you back to your City.
  7. Bookmarks. You can bookmark each location outside of your City. We haven’t really bookmarked a lot at the moment, so we still don’t know if there is a limit to this.
  8. State Map. This is where you can easily navigate your State. Once you go to the State Map, your City will be identified as the encircled blue tag, while your Commander (if you are in an alliance, which we highly recommend) is identified by a yellow tag.
    1. World Map. You can further go out and check the World Map where all of the other States can be seen. Your State is identified by a green tag.
    2. Alliance. When this button is turned on, you will see all of the members of your alliance (if you belong to one).
    3. Back Button. Clicking on this button will get you back to the vicinity of your City.
    4. Resource Plots. Turning this button on will show you where to find resource plots according to the level you desire. Notice that higher level resource plots can be found near the middle of your State (coordinate 600:600).
    5. Search. This button is specifically for searching States. Remember when we said you can switch States when you are still in your Newbie Journey? To make it easier for you to look for your desired State, you can just use this handy little button here.user-interface-2
  9.  Other Bases. These are the bases you can attack to get resources.

Now that you are familiar with the outside world, it will be easier for you to earn resources for your City development.

Resource plots

As we have mentioned above, these resource plots are basically the same as the resource plots inside your City. However, the primary difference is you have to send your troops to these resource plots so they can gather all the resources they can get.



Note: The amount of resources your Troops can gather will depend on its load capacity, and how much Troops you can send at any given time (you can only send one set of troops to one resource plot each time).

When you are starting, it is understandable that your troops (we will discuss this in detail in succeeding posts) can only carry so much on their backs. You might not be able to even empty a Level 1 plot in one go. That is perfectly understandable. To improve this, you can start training more troops, develop your technology, and equip your Officer with appropriate equipment (we will discuss all this in later posts).

Note: It is highly recommended to empty each resource plot you have started to farm. This will allow new resource plots to spawn in your area and State in general. Emptying resource plots is also a show of common courtesy to the other players, don’t you think? 🙂


Resource plots are tagged when occupied – Red with bullets crossed if it is occupied by an opposing alliance, blue if occupied by you or an alliance member. Aside from the color of the tag, you will also know it is occupied by an opposing alliance if you can scout or attack the plot. You cannot do this with plots occupied by your alliance members.

Note: You can attack a resource plot to take over it. However, you won’t be able to get whatever resources the previous player was able to farm.

Tip: It is almost always not worth it to take over farming a resource plot. One is because you won’t get all the resources that plot holds; two, you are only creating an enemy by doing it. The only time it is cool to do it is when your State is at war, or during Cross-State Battles, which we will discuss in future posts.


There are different level zombies (level 1 to 35) roaming outside your City. These zombies drop items which you can use for City development, depending on its level. It also drops boxes of food, which will go to your inventory and can be used anytime you would want to.

Tip: It is best to attack zombies with an Officer and a combination of each type of troop.

You will be given rewards the first time you kill a zombie. These rewards will depend on the level of zombie you killed, and will automatically be added to your inventory. The first five levels of zombies are of course the easiest levels to kill.


Note: They won’t be dropping resources for you yet. But you can only kill say a level 6 zombie if you were able to kill a level 5, a level 7 if you killed a level 6, and so on.

Following are the items dropped by levels 1-5 zombies.


Tip: If you are finding it difficult to find the next level zombie you can kill, you can do these easy steps: find a higher level zombie near you, click on it, and it will direct you to the zombie you are looking for. (e.g., if you need a level 8 zombie, kill any higher level zombie in your vicinity and it will prompt you to kill a level 8 zombie first. It will find you a level 8 zombie after you click “Go to”) This only works for your first kill.

Other items and resources will start to drop from level 6 zombies. It will take much more power to kill them, but each kill will be rewarded handsomely.




Tip: As you progress, your ability to kill higher level zombies increases. However, if you ever found yourself stuck, you can always use Attack and Defense boosts along with Biochemical Potion and marching army boost so you can kill higher level zombies than you usually can. We will talk about these boosts on succeeding posts.

Note: We haven’t killed a level 35 zombie yet. 😦

Following is the first kill reward for zombie levels 30-34. Note how much diamonds and fuel it drops. 😎


Just seeing how much one can get in defeating these zombies make us giddy with excitement. 😀

Attacking Other Cities

Nothing beats the feeling of elation when you are able to hit an opposing City and winning it; the adrenaline rush brought about by the knowledge that once you start attacking someone, you are also making yourself vulnerable for attacks; the thought process that is required to know which battles you can win.

In this game, all the effort you put into developing your City will be tested once you attack or get attacked. But before we go on and talk nonstop about this, we will share with you first how you can get resources from attacking other cities.


  1. Info. It is advisable to check the profile of your target so you can gauge for yourself if you can take him on.
  2. Scout. Depending on the level of your Radar (refer to the next post), you can learn more about your target (troops, bomb, resources available, etc.) when you send a scout prior to attacking him. However, scouting your target also alerts him of your impending attack if he happens to be online.
  3. Missile. Missiles will only be available when you reach base level 22. But for the purposes of our discussion, anyone with missile can hit a desired target even if the target is shielded.
  4. Declare War. You can rally your troops with other alliance members (see, it pays to be a part of an alliance 😉 ) if you deem your target is too strong for you.
  5. Attack. This is where everything boils down to. Clicking on this button will allow you to send troops to hit a target. How much resources you can get from your target will depend on your troop load and how much of your target’s resources are available for the taking (we will discuss this further on the next post).

Tip: Just like in attacking zombies, it is advisable that you send a combination of different types of troops in attacking other Cities. Sending higher level troops maximizes the damage you give, and the amount of resources you can get from each hit.

Note: If you are part of an alliance (which is the best move you could ever make in this game), it is best to ask for permission first from your Alliance Officers (we will discuss this more next time) if you can attack another City. Doing this will prevent any unnecessary war between Alliances.

Exploring the Ruins

Another way to earn resources outside your City is to explore the Ruins. Ruins don’t stay on one location forever. It only has a set number of hours per location where it appears. Once its timer reaches zero, it disappears.


The level of difficulty indicated above doesn’t really equate to how difficult the exploration will be, but only of how long it will take your troops to explore the Ruins.

Whatever exploration you may choose to embark on will earn you resources and EXP. You may recall your troops at any time you would want to.

Note: You can only send one set of troops to the Ruins at any given time.

There is one more thing you can do to earn resources faster, most especially if you are going for higher level bases (buildings and technology get more expensive). This is to create your own farm. Essentially, you will just create a new account and develop it not for combat, but for farming. We will make a separate post on this at a later date. Let us first focus on how we can help you develop the meanest possible City you could ever have. 🙂




Earning from the Comfort of Your Home

Raising your Power in Last Empire War Z requires resources. Depending on your base level, this may cost you Fuel, Food, Steel, and Alloy. To get you started, let us brief you on where and how you can get these resources for your upgrades.

There are two areas where you can earn these precious resources – within your City and outside your City. We will limit our discussion on earning your resources within your City on this post.

There are quite a few ways to do this:

I. Your own plots

Your City comes with a level 1 oil well and level 1 farm. Gathering the resources from this plots will allow you to replenish the initial amount of resources (20,000 Fuel and 20,000 Food) given to you to help you develop your City.

You will also have several open plots where you can put more Oil Well and Farm as shown in the image below. These plots however, can also be used to build hospitals and shelters (more on this on a later post). You can also opt to use these plots for Steel Mills (unlocks at base level 10) and Alloy Mines (unlocks at base level 15). It is entirely up to you how you would want to utilize these plots.  in-city-plots

Several areas are also available to unlock more plots:

  1. Area 1 – can be unlocked anytime
  2. Area 2 – unlocks at base level 5
  3. Area 3 – unlocks at base level 10
  4. Area 4 – unlocks at base level 15

Tip: We usually build 5-7 of each type of resource plots in our City. This allows us to gather sufficient amounts of each resource type for City development.

You can upgrade your resource plots up to level 30. The higher the level of each plot, the more resources it generates and the higher amount of resources it can hold. Shown below are the respective income/hr, capacity, and power of each type of resource plot you can build.





These values are your base income/hr. Your income on each of these resource plots may increase if you use boosts which you can get from the Shooting Range or the Speaker, by buying it from the Travelling Merchant, by using diamonds, by using suits (refer to later posts), or by developing your technology for resources (more on this on later posts).

Tip: We found that it is more worth it to use boosts that we get from Shooting Range and Speaker when our resource plots are at least level 15. This is because the higher the level of your resource plot, the higher the amount of diamonds needed to boost your plot. It saves us diamonds when do this.

You can always see this information by going to your resource plot and clicking on the detail icon as shown below:


II. Missions

Your mission, if you wish to accept it (sorry, can’t resist lol), can be found at the lower left corner of your screen:


Following these missions not only gets your power up, it also gives you resources, EXP and other items as a reward.


Awesome, right?

Note: You can opt not to do everything on the list, as it is not required. So don’t feel bad when you can’t do them all.

III. Rescue Center

Your City’s Rescue Center unlocks at base level 4. All you have to do is click on the chopper, and start any of the Adventure Missions set for you. You will have 10 adventure missions per day, and each give out different rewards. Just in case you didn’t like the rewards available, you can click on the free refresh button and you’ll get a new set of adventure missions and rewards. However, you can do this only once. Next refresh will cost you 200 diamonds a pop (we haven’t tried this yet, so we don’t know if it costs more the more you refresh).rescue-center

Tip: Rescue Center gives out practice rounds (bullets you can use in Shooting Range) and virus stock you can use to upgrade your Biochemical Center (more on this later). It pays to go to Rescue Center and finish all 10 adventure missions everyday.

IV. Shooting Range

It is easy to get resources and other items from your Shooting Range (unlocks at base level 6). All you need to have are practice rounds which you can get from your Rescue Center, Activity Center (see below), the store, target sheets, and other in-app purchases (more on this later).


When you click on your Shooting Range, the rewards that you can get will appear. You can either:

  1. Replace your target sheets if you don’t like what’s in store for you (free for one-time replacement); or
  2. Begin your target practice.

Tip: If you ran out of free refreshes, you can always shoot one target and end practice. You’ll then get a new set of targets.

When you decide to go ahead and begin,shooting-range-2

  1. You will need a minimum of 100 practice rounds to start your target practice. The amount of practice rounds required increases as you continue.
  2. This is the amount of practice rounds you have.
  3. If you need more practice rounds, you can always use this button to buy more, or use whatever you have in your inventory.
  4. Your target sheets will obviously not show what you will get. This is where we say, practice at your own risk. 😉
  5. You can end your practice at any time. If you feel like the remaining rewards are not worth the practice rounds, then by all means press this little button and start a new one. 🙂
  6. We sometimes forget what are the rewards in store for us. So we check this little button from time to time to make sure that we at least have an idea on what we are about to get.
  7. Any reward you earned will automatically be stored in your inventory. For your convenience, it will also be shown here. Bear in mind, however, that even if you haven’t ended your target shooting yet, you may be able to use the items you already have.

Tip: It is oftentimes not worth it to finish all of your target sheets for the simple reason that it costs too much practice rounds. We sometimes just click on 1-3 target sheets before we end our practice session and move on.

V. Help Center

Your City’s Help Center unlocks at base level 7. You can put it anywhere in your City, as long as it is inside your walls. Help Center is an awesome addition to your City because it gives out free wishes everyday. You can use each wish to get whatever resource you need (It doesn’t include diamonds, though. Bummer).


The number of wishes, as well as how much resources you can get, depends on the level of your Help Center, as shown below:


Note: Free wishes reset everyday. So even if you weren’t able to use up all your free wishes within the day, it won’t add up to the free wishes you will be given the following day.

Your City won’t require steel if your base level is below 10, and alloy if your base level is below 15. If you built your Help Center right after it is unlocked (base level 7), you won’t be able to get steel or alloy from the Help Center. All your free wishes will be spent only on Fuel and Food. Once you ran out of free wishes, you can still get resources from the Help Center if you have diamonds to spend.

However, notice how there is a discrepancy between the amount of alloy you can get from the Help Center as shown in the picture above, versus on the stated amount you should be getting from the table. This is because each time you use your free wish (or diamond) to get alloy (or whatever resource you may wish to get), the amount of resource you will get on the next click increases.

Tip: Once we reached level 10, we mainly used our free wishes for steel. Alloy when we reached level 15. This is because it is faster to gather fuel and food than steel or alloy.

Note: We haven’t tried this yet, but we think the maximum number of help you can get from your Help Center is pegged at 200.

VI. Traveling Merchant

Another way to earn resources within your City is via the Traveling Merchant (unlocks at base level 6). In here, you need to spend fuel or diamonds to earn resources and other items (we will put up a post enumerating each item you may find in Last Empire War Z).


Following is an example of what items you can buy from the Merchant. A different Premium Goods is featured each day and it will cost you some diamonds. Just like in the Shooting Range and Rescue Center, you can opt to change the items you can choose to buy from the Merchant (see encircled). You can only refresh for free around 4-5 times before it will cost you 5 diamonds. The cost of refresh increases the more you do this.


This can also get expensive, so be wise on how you spend your fuel or diamonds to get other items and resources.

Tip: We usually just buy speed ups (we will discuss this on a separate post), steel, alloy, or other premium items on sale from the traveling merchant. We also try to see if we are really saving on our purchase instead of spending more if we bought the resources in the store. (We refrain from spending diamonds here.)

VII. Activity Center

Your City comes with an Activity Center, where the developers put out different events which can earn you resources and different items.


The activities they have in store for you vary from time to time. There are special events they hold during special occasions (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, etc.), and there are regular events.


You can participate in almost every event available, most especially if you are a part of an alliance (which we have briefly discussed in our quick start guide for Last Empire War Z).

We won’t be going much into detail about each event, but we will give you Single Player Arms Race as an example. Single Player Arms Race happens regularly. Each arms race lasts for about 2 hours, and each arms race may require you to do a different set of tasks from the previous one.


Each task accomplished gives you points which accumulates and translates into rewards once you reach the minimum required points. An example of the rewards and its corresponding points requirement is shown below:


Tip: If the tasks assigned to you on a current arms race include “Increase Technology Power by 1 point”, and it gives out 150 points, the next arms race will either include “Increase Building Power by 1 point” which will also give you 150 points, or both Technology (120 points) and Building (100 points). Knowing this will allow you to plan your upgrades ahead so you can score those points and get awesome rewards.

Note: The point requirement for each box, and the corresponding rewards depends on your base level.  The higher your base level, the higher the point requirement and the better the rewards.

VIII. Alliance Wages

We have mentioned how important it is to be a part of an alliance. Alliance wages is one of the reasons why. These are tasks you may opt to do not only to earn rewards, but to make sure you are taking steps to make your City and Alliance stronger.

Note: This is only available for those who are part of an alliance.

Alliance Wages may be accessed from your Embassy:


The three categories you can earn your rewards from are: Active, Attendance, and Contribution. In the interest of showing you ways to earn resources from Alliance Wages, we will limit our discussion to Active.

Following are samples of the activities you can do under the Active tab. These activities will be the same everyday, regardless of your base level. However, there are certain activities which will be locked, pending your base upgrade.


Just like what we shared with you in Arms Race, each task under Alliance Wages will earn you points. There are activities which require you to finish the whole task before giving you points, while others give partial points.


Tip: Accomplish as much tasks as you can under Alliance Wages. Just doing these tasks will ensure that you are solidly gaining power to take on other Cities. The resources you get from these tasks, are just a bonus.

So there you have it. These are the ways you can get more resources from within your City. It’s simple and straightforward, isn’t it? All you have to do is take advantage of all the activities and missions provided for you in game, and you’re all set.

As we’ve mentioned at the start of this post, there are two areas where you can get your resources. We have yet to discuss how you can earn outside of your City, so stay tuned for the next post. Meanwhile, use what you have learned from this post (we hope you learned a thing or two) and start earning those resources now. 🙂