You may have questions with little time to read through all what we’ve written so far or you may want to know about stuff we haven’t had time to write about, so we decided to create this post just for you (thanks Ima for this great suggestion 🙂 ). We will direct you to certain blog posts for a detailed discussion on certain topics. Cheers!

What is Last Empire-War Z?

Last Empire-War Z is primarily a strategy game with an ultimate goal of YOU being one of the most powerful in your state. This will of course involve killing threats, but it is advisable that you play smart and not let your emotions get the better of you (read: don’t attack anyone who pisses you off because it might be more harmful for you than them).

This game is free to play with optional in-app purchases (yes, it is possible to play this game without buying anything). For more information on how to start playing, please refer to Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z.

Why do I need to play Last Empire-War Z?

You don’t need to. But if you are one of those who are into strategy games, this one is worth a try. It is easy to play with enough complexity to keep you interested. So go ahead and download the game. Try it for a week or two to see if this is for you.

What are the key points I need to remember?

Last Empire-War Z is a fusion of different elements–Building, Technology, Officer, Equipment, Troops, Resources, Alliance, and State.

You need to upgrade your Buildings and Technology to become stronger. Upgrading buildings unlock higher level troops, while researching technologies enhance their potential.

Your Officer, when equipped with proper suit, will help you win more battles, gather more resources, or defend your City better.

How much resources you have will dictate how much upgrading you can do, and how much troops you can train. It is therefore wise to save as much resources as you can. (Stockpiling Resources)

The Alliance you are in will determine how fast you will grow in this game. It is not, however, dependent on the size of the Alliance. It is on how open your Alliance is in communicating with its members and how friendly it is with other Alliances within your State.

Aside from being one of the strongest in the State, will I get rewards in accomplishing the things you mentioned above?

There are minor and major events in the game which gives out rewards when you met its minimum requirement. The rewards are items you will need in the game (Exploring Your Inventory) like resources and diamonds.

What are these events?

We like to categorize the events within the game – Minor and Major Events. Major Events include Cross State Battle, Desert Oasis, and Military Fort Tanner Battle; while Minor Events include Single Player Arms Race, Alliance Arms Race, and Zombie Siege. Some of these events are held simultaneously, so it is wise to play it to your advantage to maximize the rewards you can get.

You can always check your Activity Center on which events are being held at the moment, or how long you need to wait for your favorite event.

We will be posting here a link of detailed instructions on how to maximize each event in the next few weeks. However, you can check the following information below for an overview of each event.

What is Cross-State Battle?

Cross-State Battle (CSB) is held every two weeks. Two states battle it out for seven days in six different phases:

  1. Gather Phase
  2. Kill Zombies Phase
  3. Upgrade Technology Phase
  4. Upgrade Building Phase
  5. Troop Training Phase
  6. Kill Event Phase

These phases are randomly dished out, so you’ll never know when each of the phases will happen during the week of CSB. However, it is pretty much a given that Kill Event Phase (2 days) happens last.

There are three types of rewards in CSB:

  1. Individual Rewards
  2. Alliance Rewards
  3. State Rewards

Both Individual and Alliance Rewards require you and your Alliance to earn a set number of points before you can earn a reward. State Rewards on the other hand, is given to the winning State regardless of the amount of points it earned.

The winning State is announced at the end of each day, and rewards are sent out to each member of the winning State before the start of the next phase. Please note, however, that you have to earn at least 3000 points for you to qualify for the State Reward.

What is Desert Oasis Event?

Desert Oasis is similar to Cross-State Battle (CSB). It lasts for five days, with the following phases:

  1. Gather Phase
  2. Upgrade Technology Phase
  3. Upgrade Building Phase
  4. Troop Training Phase
  5. Kill Event Phase

The only major difference between the two is the number of States you are up against. You need to defeat three States during Desert Oasis compared with just one in CSB.

What is Military Fort Tanner Battle?

This is a battle for the strongest player in the world of Last Empire-War Z. Qualified players will compete with each other to successfully occupy Fort Tanner. The Commander who successfully occupies Fort Tanner will be awarded the title of Emperor.

You need to satisfy the following conditions to qualify for this event:

  1. Combat Power: 20,000,000
  2. Your State is allowed to participate in the battle
  3. Base Level: 30
  4. You have a Tanner Invitation

What is Single Player Arms Race?

This is a minor event which happens every day except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Point requirement and rewards will depend on your base level – the higher your base level, the higher the point requirement, and the greater the rewards.

Single Player Arms Race runs multiple times during the day, lasting for 2.5 hours each time.

What is Alliance Arms Race?

Unlike Single Player Arms Race, Alliance Arms Race runs at approximately 8 hours each time every Tuesday and Thursday. Rewards for this event is dependent on the collective effort of your Alliance.

What is Zombie Siege?

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays, your Alliance can opt to engage the Zombie Siege from the Activity Center. Once activated, Zombies from Level 1 to 25 will come pay your City a visit. Each successful defense will earn you points, and these points have corresponding rewards.

Peace shields have no effect on Zombies. You cannot stop them from coming to your City. During this time, it is wise to have all your troops in your base, have your defense boost active if you have any, and wait it out. Minimal soldiers will get wounded, if any.

The activity ends when all of you are defeated twice by the Zombies.



This post will be updated as we go along, so please bear with us. You can send us an email for questions we have yet to answer and we will post it right here as soon as we are able.



2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: when in the desert does your Aliance have to build there Aliance Centre? If not does it effect any rewards you might recived not building it?


    1. Hey Nora. It is beneficial to your alliance if you have your center built, whether in your home state or in the desert. This is because buffs you get from your center in the desert is the same as in your home state, which is what you will be missing if you didn’t build one in the desert. It also won’t cost you stones to build one in the desert, as long as you have one in your home state. Having said this, we think it’s wise to build your center at the start of desert oasis instead of doing it later. Most especially because 3rd day is gather and zombies. We need all our marching armies to get all the rss we need. 🙂

      However, it won’t affect the rewards you receive for participating in desert events.

      We hope we have answered your questions. Happy zombie killing! 🙂


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