It’s been a week since we last posted, and we apologize for that. We got caught up in this week’s Cross State Battle, thinking of ways on how to beat the other State we’re up against. Anyway, that is not our topic for this blog, but it somehow influenced us on how we are going to write about technology.

As we’ve mentioned before, your technology will make or break you (we will never get tired of saying this). You can be a level 30, but if you’re technology sucks, then anyone with a solid tech will beat you.

In Surviving in the Zombie World we enumerated 22 current technologies you can research. All of them complement each other in one way or another, so we decided to write about technologies according to what they do instead of starting with all basic techs then moving forward. Just this one time (we think), we will also discuss the equipment and skills necessary so you can hoard all the resources you want at the fastest possible time.

Having said that, you are now warned that this will be a longer post than usual and that numbers will play a big part in this post LOL. (But we will try to keep it to a minimum. 😛 )

Basic Resources

You will need resources in everything that you will ever do in this game, and as you level up, you will find that each upgrade costs a LOT more than the previous one. It is at times frustrating, most especially if you don’t want to spend money on this game (like us).

We have taught you the importance of upgrading the plots inside your City to up your resource income (Building Your City (Basic Buildings)) and how to gather from plots outside your City (Earning Your Way to the Top). However, relying on these two alone will not be enough for future developments.

At the very least, you need to develop your technology on Basic Resources to help you earn resources more efficiently. Basic Resources is the first technology you will be able to research. (You will only need to have a Level 1 Institute to start researching. )


Fuel Purification I and Fertilizer I increase your fuel and food income, respectively, by as much as 10%.

Tip: Finish researching these two as soon as possible to help you better manage the resources required to build your City.

As mentioned before, your Depot protects your resources up to a point. Researching Depot Expansion I will help you increase the amount of resources protected by as much as 10,000 of each type of resource. This may not look impressive, but it still helps (and it’s cool 🙂 ). However, you can only start researching Depot Expansion I once your Institute is at level 5.

At the start of the game, your rate of gathering fuel and food is at 10,800 units/hour. Fracture Oil Extraction I and Refrigerated Shipment I increase your fuel and food gathering speed by as much as 28%. This will let you finish a level 1 fuel and food plot in 1 hour and 18 minutes, instead of 1 hour and 40 minutes. This may not mean much, but when you are at a higher level base and you haven’t improved on anything to make gathering easier for you, 28% increase in speed will mean you only need 14 hours to finish a level 10 fuel or food plot rather than 18 hours. That’s 4 hours right there.

Steel Rolling I and Heated Furnace I are for steel and alloy production (10% increase), respectively, while Blast Mining I and Alloy Refining I are for steel and alloy gathering speed (28% increase), respectively.

Diamond Refining I, on the other hand, is of course for diamond gathering. However, it will only increase your gathering speed up to 10%. Base gathering speed for diamonds is at 3 diamonds/hr. I know, it’s too slow.

Tip: We use our troops to gather Fuel, Food, Steel, and Alloy instead of Diamonds. There are different events in your Activity Center which will make your City stronger by performing the required tasks, and earn diamonds in the process. Sweet, right? 🙂

But even so, it is definitely worth it to finish researching all the technologies under Basic Resources. Because once you max it out, you will get an additional buff – additional 8% defense during resource battles.


Note: If you will remember, we mentioned in Earning Your Way to the Top that plots outside your City can also be attacked. When you are gathering from a plot and were hit, all you have to depend on is your troops’ defensive capabilities. As such, activating this defense buff will help you a lot in winning that battle.

Advanced Resources

Advanced Resources is, surprise surprise, the next level of technologies for your resources. 🙂 These are more expensive to research, but they also give out more boosts for you. Fuel and Food Production will give you 30% additional boost on top of your initial 10% from Basic Resources. However, you need to satisfy these conditions in order to unlock Advanced Resources:


Maxing it out will give you an attack buff of 10% for resource battles. This will make it easier for you to win the fight whenever you have the urge to take over a resource plot.

Note: All of the buffs you will activate when you max out each category, will remain active forever.

Suspension System 

Another technology you can work on to help you gather efficiently, is your Suspension System I and Suspension System II under Basic City Development and Advanced City Development, respectively. This technology is focused on your Troop Load, which is basically how much your troops can carry when they march. Working on this will mean you need to send out lesser amount of troops in gathering from a plot. It will also mean you can now move forward and gather from a higher level plot.

We know that Suspension System is under City Development technologies, where not all are about resource gathering. However, maxing out all technologies under this category will give you an additional buff for Troop Load.


Cross-State Battle Technology

We have mentioned above that we were caught up with this week’s Cross-State Battle (CSB). It is not just some excuse we thought of using so you’ll forgive us for not posting about technology sooner. 😛 There is an activity every other week called Cross-State Battle where your State is up against another State. It lasts for 7 days, with different tasks every day (more on this on later posts).

One of the phases in CSB is gather phase. As such, the developers (bless them) included two technologies which will help you gather more resources effectively and efficiently during CSB.


Full-scale Production is for your gathering speed, while Carrying Capacity is for your Troop Load. These two technologies are AWESOME, because it increases your gathering speed and troop load of up to 60%. This is on top of your existing boosts.

Note: The boosts you get from these technologies are only applicable during CSBs.


Notice, however, that aside from resources, you also need to use Silver Medals to research CSB technologies. Your Institute should also be at least at level 10 before you can start working on these.

Officer Skill

Your very first Officer/Commander in this game is Zane. You may opt to buy other Officers in the future using your money or diamonds, but as a starting point, you get Zane. Every time you earn an EXP, you can use it to help Zane level up, as we have discussed in Surviving in the Zombie World. At every level, Zane receives skill points which you can then use to hone his Skills.


There are three groups of skills available for each Officer:

  1. Combat
  2. Develop
  3. Support

We will discuss these in detail in another post. We want you to focus on Develop at the moment. For the purpose of this discussion, we will only show you a few of the skills you can start training Zane with:


  1. Building Speed Up I – Allows you to construct your buildings 2.5% times faster
  2. Research Speed Up I – Shortens your research time by 2.5%
  3. Bumper Harvest – This is an Active Skill which immediately gives you 5 hours of resource income from plots. This skill requires 8 hours cool down time.
  4. Fuel Income I or Food Income I – Increases either your fuel or food income by 10%
  5. Fuel Gathering I or Food Gathering II – Increases either your fuel or food gathering speed by 5%
  6. Super Depot I – Gives your depot an additional protected capacity of 100,000
  7. Fuel Income II, Food Income II, Steel Income I – Increases your fuel, food, or steel income by 30%
  8. Fuel Gathering II, Food Gathering II, Steel Gathering I – Increases your fuel, food, or steel gathering speed by 10%
  9. Considerable Collection – This is an active skill where your gathering speed is increased by 100% for 2 hours. Cool down time is 20 hours.

Tip: We highly recommend you start with honing Zane’s Develop skills instead of Combat or Support, because you will need to have as much resources as possible when starting. Having tons of resources will allow you to develop more technologies and upgrade more buildings.

It is your choice which of the three resources you will first focus on. YOU DON’T HAVE TO STUDY EACH OF THE RESOURCE ITEMS ON THE LIST to move forward to the next level. You may choose to focus on food or fuel first. Of course, it is best if you studied all. But bear in mind that you will only get a few skill points whenever Zane levels up. So based on experience, we think it’s best if you focus on one resource first so you can get Bumper Harvest and Considerable Collection ASAP.  (It’s ultimately your choice, though 🙂 )

Note: You can play around with your skill points if you wanted to. Did you notice the “Reset Points” box beside your available Skill Points on top? The one with 1000 diamonds? You can use that button to reset your skills learned. It will cost you 1000 diamonds each time, but you can play around with your skill points and see what works best for you.


Last but not the least, you have to craft your equipment. Your Armory offers several equipment you may craft. Each equipment complements an Officer. However, we won’t be discussing that here. A separate blog post will be dedicated for those as we have mentioned before. We will only be giving you an overview of the Trailblazer Suit.


As you can see, there are 7 equipment under the Trailblazer Suit. Crafting each of these will give you boosts for specific resource items. Each equipment has different qualities, though. And lower quality equipment will only give you so much boost.

How do you make a higher quality equipment? Simple, you just need to combine your materials before you craft your equipment. Shown here is an example of crafting an equipment.


The materials required are shown above, using the highest quality materials you have in your material depot. The percentage you see in the colored bars show you the probability of crafting like-colored equipment: 28.6% chance of getting a purple axe vs 71.4% chance of getting an orange axe.

Tip: You can start crafting this and hope that you will get an orange. But a word to the wise: since an orange material requires a combination of 4 purple materials (as shown on the right side of the picture above), it is best to wait for an all-orange material before crafting your axe.

So why craft a complete trailblazer suit? Because aside from getting boosts for gathering speed, resource production and troop load from each equipment crafted, you will also get the following boosts as summarized below:


Crafting 7 blue equipment will give you an additional 37.5% in resource capacity, 13.1% additional gathering speed, and 9.4% more resources from each plot you gathered. Imagine if you were able to craft 7 yellow trailblazer equipment. A level 10 fuel plot which has 1,020,000 units of fuel will give you approximately 1,530,000 units of fuel instead. Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂 It’s like gathering from one level 10 plot and one level 7 plot with just one set of troops.

Tip: Start crafting a complete Trailblazer Suit with minimum blue quality, ASAP. It will give you a good enough boost while making the materials required for higher quality equipment.

We know that these numbers are crazy. But what’s important for you to take note of is in order to move forward fast in Last Empire War Z, you need to have as close to unlimited resources as possible. You cannot do that by relying on your basic gathering skills alone.




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