In Building Your City (Basic Buildings), we shared with you all the necessary buildings you will need to start your City running. However, there are more to Last Empire-War Z than those buildings.

Just like a regular City, you will need a host of supplementary buildings to make it easier for you to defend and run your City. We chose to call these buildings supplementary, not because they are any less important than your basic buildings, but because we ran out of ideas on which to call them. 🙂 We kid, of course. They are supplementary buildings because they add on something of value to your City.


We all know that your City is primarily protected by your wall. However, it is not enough to ward off enemies. You also need firepower to cause more damage to your attackers and possibly win the invasion (invasion may be by other players or by zombies). As such, Towers (unlocks at base level 7) are provided, located on either side of your wall.


The amount of damage your Tower gives as well as how fast it dishes out destruction, is dependent on its level.



Note: Towers require Alloy Barrels to construct and upgrade, which you can get from zombies in the wild and from the store.

Tip: We prefer to upgrade our towers to the same level as much as possible, to maximize its effect. It is a personal preference that you may or may not choose to adapt. 🙂


We have mentioned in Surviving in the Zombie World how your overall power is also affected by your Officer’s equipment. We still won’t be discussing here each and every one of those equipment (we know, frustrating) because that in itself needs a whole new post dedicated to it (it will be amazing, so please have patience 🙂 ).

What we will show you now, however, is where you may craft all those equipment. You can buy it, of course. But it will cost you real money. So if that is not an option for you, then you can go straight to your Armory (unlocks at base level 5), and check this out:



Different materials are needed for crafting different types of equipment for your Officer. You may check which materials are available to you, as well as which equipment you have in the depot of your Armory. If you are lacking in materials, you may make what you need by clicking on the Materials tab shown above.


Materials are made one at a time. You need to drop the material you wish to make into the box in order to start its production.

Tip: You may unlock the other boxes (this will cost you diamonds) in your armory in order to have a queue of materials for production.

Note: The time it will take to manufacture one material is dependent on its rarity (more on this when we discuss about Officer Suits).

Crafting your equipment takes longer time than manufacturing its materials. However, you may reduce this time by upgrading your armory. An upgraded armory will also unlock the materials it may produce:



All of your troops eat food, where their consumption depends on which type and level of troop you have. So even if you have higher level food plots inside your City, and you are gathering food nonstop, you may still find it hard to save food for your upgrades.

This is where your Cafeteria comes in. It serves a set amount of food (no surprises there, lol) every 24 hours depending on its level.


Note: It is imperative to remember that your Cafeteria has to be activated every 24 hours. Otherwise, you might get back in the game expecting to see a lot of food only to be surprised by what is left.



  1. Total Food Cost/Hr – This is the net amount of food your Troops eat per hour. (Food Cost Reduced/Hr afforded by your Cafeteria and whatever else Technology you may have are already taken into account)
  2. Serving Time – This is the time remaining on your Cafeteria’s serving hours. Once it reaches zero, you have to re-activate your Cafeteria so you can save on Food Cost.
  3. Food Storage – When the amount of food you have reaches this level, your troops will stop eating. For real. So even if you have loads of troops, there will come a point when your food level will remain as is.

Tip: We try to level up our Cafeteria at the same level as our base so it won’t be hard for us to save up on food for our upgrades.



It is in your Embassy where your fellow Alliance members can help you. All Cities start with a level 1 Embassy, in preparation for when you join an Alliance (yes, for the nth time, we are telling you how highly beneficial it is for you to join an Alliance 😉 ).

Your fellow Alliance members can send you troop reinforcements (to help you guard your City) or extend help to lessen your Technology Research or Building Upgrade Time.


The higher the level of your Embassy is at, the higher the number of help chances (with corresponding Time Reduction in seconds) you may get. It will also determine how much troop reinforcement your Embassy can hold at any given time.

One of the areas where you can access your Alliance Wages (Earning from the Comfort of Your Home) is through your Embassy. We won’t be discussing this here (as usual, lol). We will be allocating a separate blog post for the stuff you need to know about Alliances.

Tip: It is important to upgrade your Embassy to the level of your base, not only because of the benefits you can get from it, but because one of the requirements for one (or is it two?) base upgrades, is your Embassy. You wouldn’t want to be excited that your base is leveling up only to realize that you still need your Embassy to catch up.


Your Market (unlocks at base level 6) is where you can trade resources with your fellow Alliance members. Any member of the Alliance can trade with a fellow member as long as they have already constructed a Market.


The amount of resources you can send to another member is indicated in the Max Caravan Load as shown above. As the level of your Market increases, the maximum amount of resources you can share with others also increases.

Notice that you also have a tax rate, which decreases as your Market is upgraded. Your tax rate is the deduction imposed on your load whenever you are sending resources to others.


Tip: We usually upgrade our Market to at least level 10 before sending out resources to help others. We do not want to lose those precious resources to tax, lol


One of the most fun part in this game, hands down, is attacking one another. 🙂 You will see more powerful Cities, which you may want to hit because of the amount of resources you can plunder, or just because they are from an opposing alliance. Hitting them by yourself will never be a smart move, because you will only be hurting yourself in the process.

This is where your Headquarters will come in handy. You can rally your fellow Alliance members in hitting a stronger base. Attacking together gives you more combat power which increases your chances of winning against your target.


Alliance Battle button will show you the battle history of your alliance, while Rallied Troops indicates how much troops you can rally in your Headquarters. As with your other buildings, the more you upgrade your Headquarters, the higher is the number of troops you can rally for your next hit.


Tip: The member with the highest level Headquarters usually starts the rally. This ensures that your rally will have the maximum number of troops possible.


Located just outside your walls is your Prison. This is where you hold your Enemy’s Officer once captured.

Note: You can only capture Enemy Officers during battles.


Once captured, you can hold Enemy Officers for 72 hours. During this time, you can choose to trash the Officer (no harm done to the Prisoner, really) or leave him alone and execute him when he is “execution-ready”. If you chose not to execute him, your Prisoner will be set free after the 72-hour holding period.


Tip: If you were only attacking to plunder resources, and you happened to capture your Enemy’s Officer, it is wise to just set him free right after you are done attacking. This is to prevent immediate retaliation from the Enemy City. (Players are more inclined to retaliate if you have their Officer)

Note: You cannot put up a Peace Shield as long as you have Prisoners.

Clone Lab

Just in case your Officer was captured and executed (your Officer can be captured even if you are the one attacking), don’t fret. You can clone your Officer via the Clone Lab (unlocks at base level 10).


Note: We haven’t tried cloning yet. Chances are, you won’t be able to try either. It is very seldom that an enemy City executes an Officer because of the threat of retaliation. But of course, there are exceptions. So better be safe than sorry. 😛


Now that we have shared with you the different structures you needed to orient yourselves with, we are finally going to share with you the different technologies that will help you conquer Enemy Cities in the next post. But while we are arguing (just kidding!) which technologies to share with you first, start developing your City with what you currently know. Oh, and don’t forget to save up on resources so you can start researching like crazy by the time our next post is up. 🙂




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