We shared with you in Surviving in the Zombie World how constructing and upgrading buildings help you develop your power and make your survival in the zombie apocalypse easier.

However, there are too many buildings you can develop that we decided to put up a separate blog post regarding them. And we are putting up not just one blog post, but two. This will allow us to give you a more detailed discussion (that we deem necessary) for all those buildings.

On this blog post, we will be limiting ourselves to those that will affect your City development when starting. Next blog post will touch more on the others.


Your base is THE most important building in your City. For one, this is the building which gives you the most power to your City.


Two, the level of your base will determine which buildings you may start constructing and up to which level.


Note: You can only upgrade any building, up to the current level of your base.

Tip: When you are starting, it is wise to construct and upgrade all the buildings that you can, parallel with your base. This ensures that you will benefit from the all the features available to you. (Read: Try to be a little patient in upgrading your base)


Your wall is the primary defensive building of your City. It determines how much bomb you could make and store, and the amount of damage you can sustain from attacks.


When you are defeated from an attack, your City will burn. The amount of time it will take before the fire extinguishes, will depend on the amount of damage you incurred. However, you can extinguish the fire at any time to stop the damage. Doing so will cost you 50 diamonds a pop.


It is essential that you repair your wall and restore you City Defense to its maximum value. You have to note, however, that you can only restore your City Defense 80 units every 30 minutes.

Note: Once your City Defense reaches zero, your City will be transferred to a random location in your State to allow you to recover.

Training Camps

As the name implies, these are the buildings where you train your troops. There are four training camps in Last Empire War-Z:

  1. Warrior Camp – where you train your Infantry
  2. Shooter Camp – where you train your Shooters
  3. Vehicle Factory (unlocks at base level 5) – where you train your Cavalry
  4. Biochemical Center (unlocks at base level 10) – where you train your Zombies

Your training camps can each train a minimum of 10 troops at any given time. This is all you will be able to train unless you have your Shelter (see below). Upgrading your training camps will enable you to train higher level troops as shown in the table below.


The higher the level of your troops, the higher the combat power they have. We will discuss your troops’ attributes in a later post.

Tip: We know we highly encourage you to upgrade your other buildings as you upgrade your base. However, when we are running low on resources and we are almost at the base level where new troops will be unlocked, we just upgrade our walls and base first then let the others catch up.

So for example, our base is at level 21 and our camps are still at level 20, we just upgrade our base to level 22 then upgrade our camps to 22 as well. After that, we play catch up with all the other buildings. That way, we get a new set of higher level troops.

Military Factory

Bombs are made in your Military Factory (unlocks at base level 3). There are three types of bombs that are available to you:

  1. Grenade – works against Infantry
  2. Mine – works against Cavalry
  3. Firebomb – works against Shooter

Similar with your Training Camps, different bombs are unlocked at different levels of your Military Factory. The higher the level of your bombs, the more damage it causes.


Tip: It pays to make all types of bombs as soon as you are able to ensure that your City has additional protection from intruders. Also, once you can make higher level bombs, you can destroy the lower level bombs to make room for your more powerful ones. However, do not destroy your bombs unless you can replace them right away. Lower level bombs are still better than an insufficient number of bombs.


We have shared with you time and again how important it is to have sufficient resources for your City development, and we have taught you ways on how to get them (Earning from the Comfort of Your HomeEarning Your Way to the Top). It is equally important to protect these resources from other players who may wish to plunder them from you.


Your Depot will help you protect your resources, albeit only up to a certain amount (see Table below). Once you have found your groove, and is able to gather and save up resources, you may find that what your Depot can protect is not nearly enough for what you have. Notice, however, that the resources protected as pictured above has additional 212,000 each. This additional protected resources are from the researched technology, as well as Officer’s skill.


Tip: If you are saving up for a base upgrade or any upgrade that will take a lot of resources which will exceed the amount protected by your Depot, it is always wise to shield up. Or you can always join an alliance who may afford you an additional protection.


We’ve been going on and on about how awesome technologies are. We won’t be enumerating each of them here, nor are we going to discuss in detail each technology. We will have separate blog posts for that. Yes, posts. You’ll thank us for that, I guarantee you. 😉

So yes, the magic of your Institute will be discussed separately. Anyway, what we will show you here is how much your Institute may contribute to your City’s power.


You will also soon realize, that some technologies may only be researched if your Institute is at a certain level. That is why we also try to upgrade our Institute as soon as possible. We want to maximize what we can research to make one formidable City.

Logistics Center

How much troops you can send in one go is determined by which level your Logistics Center is at. The higher its level, the more troops you can send out.


Tip: This is one of the buildings we usually upgrade first right after we upgrade our base. We want a larger marching army size because it allows us to defeat higher level zombies in the wild, defeat other Cities, and gather resources from higher level plots because of higher loads.


One of the most useful buildings you can have in your City is a Radar. Level 1 Radar is already constructed in your City when you start the game. But of course, you will need to upgrade your Radar to afford yourself a more detailed report of enemies about to attack your City, and scout reports of the Cities you wish to attack.


Tip: Upgrade your Radar as soon as you can. It is wise to know your enemy’s capabilities so you can better protect your City, or prepare for an offensive.


We have mentioned above that your Training Camps can only train 10 troops at any given time. In order to increase the amount of troops you can train, you will need Shelters. As shown in the table below, Shelters don’t just increase your training capacity, it also gives a boost to your training speed.


Tip: We only maintain at most 3 shelters, but we upgrade them to the maximum level possible everytime. We allot all other available plots for hospital and resources.


Your troops won’t be invincible. When they are sent to battle, kill zombies, or attacked, some get wounded while some die. If you have enough hospitals to accommodate the wounded, you will be able to heal them (using resources). Otherwise, they will also die.


Tip: We maintain at least 8 hospitals in our City. This helps us a lot most especially during Kill Events (more on these later), where the chances of getting hit is higher. It is still cheaper to heal troops than to train new ones.


As we have mentioned in Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z, there are four types of resource plots in Last Empire War Z: fuel, food, steel, and alloy. We also were able to share with you in Earning from the Comfort of Your Home and Earning Your Way to the Top how you can gather all these resources for your City Development.

There is not much else to say about plots, to be honest. However, let us put this up here: plots, just like any of your building, will get more expensive to upgrade as you go along. And just by looking at the income/hr each plot provides you, you may think that it is not worth it to upgrade your plots and spend a million resources just to increase your income several units an hour. But, in the greater scheme of things, we realized that it is indeed worth it to upgrade your plots to where your base level is at. Those little addition to your income still boils down to a lot of resources at the end of the day.

Tip: When starting, you can upgrade your resource plots (oil well and farm) up to level 5 even if your base level is only at level 1. Plots only require your base to be up to a certain level when you are upgrading it to level 6 and above.

Your building’s features/capabilities may be enhanced by using technology or your Officer’s skills. We would like to reiterate that it pays to research as much as you are able to further maximize what your buildings give you. (We know we’ve been harping about this for so long now. We will give share with you a discussion on technologies after we post  about the supplementary buildings)

There will come a time when you will run low on resources and you have to choose which buildings to upgrade and which to leave behind. But you don’t have to worry about it for now. All you have to do is follow some of our tips we have given you so far and what we will give you in the future (as long as you’re comfortable with it), and we guarantee that you will slay this game.




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