We’ve been talking about some items being dropped by zombies in the wild or given as a rewards in activities. However, we haven’t really identified these items yet. In order to make up for this, we have this post just for you. 🙂

One of the best places to see all the possible items you may have in Last Empire War Z is from the store. As mentioned in Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z, you may access the store from your inventory.


There are a lot of items in the store, and we will try to explain each one of them as much as we can. These items are categorized as: War, Buff, Resources, and Others. Let us ignore for a while all prices quoted in diamonds for each item.


If you haven’t noticed yet, this is a war game. As with any war game, the one with the best strategy wins. There will be instances when you are at war with an alliance or another state (more on this later), and having these items may mean success or defeat.


Random Teleports allow you to leave your current spot to avoid being hit by an incoming attacker. However, unlike Advanced Teleport which allows you to choose your next location, this will bring you to a random spot in the State.

Tip: It is best to use Advanced Teleport if you can afford it. Bookmarking a desired location in advance is also advisable before engaging in any kind of war. This will give you the best chance of getting away from a hostile City or Alliance (if you would need to), or getting as close as possible to your target.

The speed in which your Troops will get to your destination will depend on which level they are in and the type of troop you are sending out. If you will ever find yourself in a tight bind, where you need to go somewhere a bit far out but you are out of teleports, you can use these March Acceleration items to speed up your troops.

On the other hand, if your troops are on their way to gather resources or to hit another City, and there is an urgent need for them to be back to defend your City, you may use your March Recall item.   Advanced Recall however, may be used when you are in a rally with Alliance Members and you would wish to pull your troops back in.


Tip: March Acceleration items won’t make you get to your target location in an instant. It will only make your troops faster by 25% or 50%. So it is wise to use them only if your marching will take more than 10 minutes (this will still depend on how patient/impatient you are, of course).

Note: You may not use March Recall or Advanced Recall on your Troops who are on their way back to your City.


Wars don’t only happen outside your City. There will be times when you will need to defend your City from other Cities or Zombies. Alloy Barrels will help you construct a powerful Tower (more on this on our next post) to defend against attackers.

War Horns on the other hand, is required for the construction of your Headquarters (we will discuss this in detail on a later post).


We have told you numerous times how your City Development depends on how much resources you have (you may even be getting sick of hearing it from us, lol). There are resources within your City which may be helpful, but is usually not enough. There are also resources outside your City which you can gather and save. Normally, these resources may be sufficient for your City development. However, one of the most useful items you could ever get from Last Empire War Z are boxes of resources.


These boxes are stored in your inventory and may be used at any time you may need it. Sometimes, all it takes to be able to level up your base are a few of these boxes.

Tip: Use these boxes only when absolutely necessary. If you are only lacking a few resources, it is wise to just let your Troops gather those resources outside your City than use some of these boxes.


Using buffs, whether for defense or offense, is part of the game. Peace Shield is one of the most powerful defensive buffs you could ever have.


Shields ward off any attempt of an opponent to attack or even scout you. However, Shields won’t protect you from missile attacks.

Tip: Use of peace shields is highly encouraged, most especially when you are at war with another state and you have no intention of participating in the battle, or when you are stockpiling resources for your upgrades. You wouldn’t want your hard work to be for naught, would you? 🙂


You may also use an Attack Bonus or Defense Bonus, whenever you deem it necessary. Attack Bonus will help boost your Troops’ attacking capabilities when hitting Zombies or other Cities. Defense Bonus will help your City withstand more powerful attacks.

Tip: We love using Defense Bonus boosts during Zombie Sieges (more on this later posts). We use Attack Bonus boost together with Defense Bonus boost during Kill Events.

Whether you are as impatient as we are, or you value each and every second you spend in playing this game, Gather Bonus is one you may want to invest on. Using this item will enable your Troops to farm a plot 50% faster than usual.


Note: Gather Bonus you buy from the Store will give you a 24-hour boost in gathering speed. However, there are also Gather Bonus items which will only give you an 8-hour boost. The 8-hour Gather Bonus boosts are usually dropped as rewards.

If you feel your Marching Army (more on this next post) is too small for comfort, you may opt to use a 25% Max March Boost to increase the maximum number of marching troops you can have. This boost lasts for 4 hours, and is especially useful during battles.


Other useful items during battles are Anti-Scout and False Army. Remember when we told you to scout first before hitting any City to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew?  Well, opposing Cities may use an Anti-Scout to make you think twice in hitting them. Cities with this buff will be protected from scouting even if they are not shielded.

False Army on the other hand, will double the amount of defending troops you have inside your City. So if you have say, 10,000 defending troops, scouts will reveal 20,000. It makes you a little more scary, don’t you think? 😉

Tip: Choose wisely which of these two buffs you are going to use (using both at the same time is a waste of buffs). We personally prefer Anti-Scouts because we ourselves will think twice of attacking a City if we don’t know what’s in store for us.

One more useful buff, most especially for those who were able to train a lot of troops, are food reduction buffs.


Your Troops will eat voraciously. Let me say it again – VORACIOUSLY. I won’t say I blame them. They gather resources for you, they defend your City, and they attack opposing Cities. That is some workout you are giving them!

If you want to save food for upgrades, then these Food Reduction Boosts buffs are for you. Minor Food Cost Reduction buff will reduce the amount of your troop upkeep (Read: The amount of food your troops eat) by 25%, while Major Food Cost Reduction buff reduces your troop upkeep by 50%.

Tip: Seeing that these buffs don’t come cheap, check first the cause of your high troop upkeep. You may research troop upkeep technology (we will discuss this in detail in succeeding posts), or reduce the number of your troops, before using this buff.


Other items which will help you become a City to reckon with, may be found here. One of which are the Material Chests. These chests contain materials you can use in crafting suits for your Officers (I hate to say this one more time, but we will discuss this in detail in one of our future posts).


Note: Buying these chests may be tempting to make your equipment crafting faster. However, we will teach you how you can get more of the materials you will need without spending any diamonds, in future posts. So hang tight, and keep those diamonds safe.


To get an additional Officer, you will need 6,000 Recruit Cards. Each of the Officers featured above have skills which you may make more powerful by equipping them with appropriate suits. Knowing which suit to equip each Officer with is a topic for future discussions. 😉 For now, humor us and continue orienting yourself with these in-game items:


We mentioned earlier that we are a bit impatient. There are times when we want instant gratification; most especially when we are upgrading our bases one level up to unlock a feature we are looking forward to for ages. These speed ups are our best friends during such trying times.

There are different types of Speed-ups in this game:

  1. Technology Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to research technologies
  2. Building Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to construct a building
  3. Troop Training Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to train your Troops
  4. Troop Healing Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to heal your Troops
  5. Bomb Building Speed Up – used to reduce the time it takes to build bombs
  6. Speed Ups or General Speed Up (as we normally refer to them) – used to reduce the time of any task you may have

Tip: Use your speed ups when doing so will earn you more rewards (e.g., during different activities). Try to be patient otherwise 😉

Let us go off a bit before we continue talking about the items in this game. No one is forcing you to check in at least once everyday. However, doing so is highly recommended because of additional rewards you may get and boosts you may receive. You may sign in everyday via the building beside your Rescue Center.


Signing in doesn’t just give you additional items, it also gives you VIP points.


These VIP points will accumulate until you reach a VIP level (of course, we all start at level 1). Different boosts/features unlock on each VIP level (we will discuss this more on a separate post).

Note: The VIP points you get from signing in is directly added to your previous VIP points. No boxes are issued.

On to regular programming. VIP points may also be dropped by zombies or from the store. These points will be given to you in boxes, goes straight to your inventory, and may be added to your existing points at any time you may wish to do so.


However, even if you reached full bar for your VIP points, its effects will only last for 24 hours. You need to activate VIP effects before you can benefit from it. Doing Single Player Arms Race may help you get  30-min VIP, 1-hr VIP, or 1-day VIP. These may be stacked, so you get to benefit from your VIP status for longer. Notice that our VIP is effective for 21 days more.

Tip: We prefer holding back on using our 1-Day VIP boxes until we reached VIP 6. If you really needed to use one even before you reached VIP 6, you may do so, but sparingly.  Better boosts await you from VIP 6, and we just find it worth it to use our free VIP boxes from this point onwards.

Lastly, we have these other useful items:


  1. Change Image – You are given a default image for your Profile when you start the game. In order to change your Avatar using the ones provided in-game, you have to use this item. However, this item is not required when you wish to change your Avatar with an uploaded photo.
  2. Move Buildings – When we started playing, we just were not thinking straight and just put our buildings wherever. Only when our obsessive-compulsive tendencies kicked in did we ever thought of arranging the buildings a certain way. However, we found out that short of demolishing your buildings, you can only rearrange your buildings if you use this item. (Bummer!)
  3. Rename – You will be given one free Rename item when you start. So think of a really cool name you can live with for the rest of your gaming life in Last Empire War Z before using your free item. Because once you’ve used it up, every rename will cost you 2,000 diamonds a pop.
  4. Virus Stock – Virus Stocks are a requirement to construct and upgrade your Biochemical Center (more on this on later posts).
  5. Fusion Core – We shared above that your Officers become more powerful and effective if they are equipped with suits that are a great match to their skills. In order to craft these suits, you need fusion core.

Note: You can also get some of these items from your Alliance Store, where these items won’t cost you diamonds. Yes, you need to be a part of an alliance to get this awesome feature of the game.

So there you have it, we have enumerated as much items as we can in this post. We hope that this helps you in understanding each item you get, better. Let us end this post with a sample inventory where you can see most of these items.





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