We already shared with you ways of Earning from the Comfort of Your Home, so as promised, we will share with you how you can also get resources outside your City.

In Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z, we showed you the game’s User Interface inside your City. So we think it is only fitting that we show you what the outside world looks like.user-interface

  1. Your City. As we’ve mentioned before, you will be given a 3-day shield once you start playing, to help you protect your City from attacks. Once you go outside, you will be taken just right outside of your City.
  2. Ruins. You can explore ruins to earn resources and EXP.
  3. Plots. These are the same as the plots inside your City, except for the fact that you have to send your troops to gather the resources on each plot.
  4. Coordinates. Each of the things you see outside your City has its own unique coordinates. Coordinates are written as 1011:345. This creates a link which makes it easier for people to go the specified location at once.
  5. Zombies. There are different level zombies in the wild. These zombies drop items which we will enumerate below.
  6. Home Button. This button directs you back to your City.
  7. Bookmarks. You can bookmark each location outside of your City. We haven’t really bookmarked a lot at the moment, so we still don’t know if there is a limit to this.
  8. State Map. This is where you can easily navigate your State. Once you go to the State Map, your City will be identified as the encircled blue tag, while your Commander (if you are in an alliance, which we highly recommend) is identified by a yellow tag.
    1. World Map. You can further go out and check the World Map where all of the other States can be seen. Your State is identified by a green tag.
    2. Alliance. When this button is turned on, you will see all of the members of your alliance (if you belong to one).
    3. Back Button. Clicking on this button will get you back to the vicinity of your City.
    4. Resource Plots. Turning this button on will show you where to find resource plots according to the level you desire. Notice that higher level resource plots can be found near the middle of your State (coordinate 600:600).
    5. Search. This button is specifically for searching States. Remember when we said you can switch States when you are still in your Newbie Journey? To make it easier for you to look for your desired State, you can just use this handy little button here.user-interface-2
  9.  Other Bases. These are the bases you can attack to get resources.

Now that you are familiar with the outside world, it will be easier for you to earn resources for your City development.

Resource plots

As we have mentioned above, these resource plots are basically the same as the resource plots inside your City. However, the primary difference is you have to send your troops to these resource plots so they can gather all the resources they can get.



Note: The amount of resources your Troops can gather will depend on its load capacity, and how much Troops you can send at any given time (you can only send one set of troops to one resource plot each time).

When you are starting, it is understandable that your troops (we will discuss this in detail in succeeding posts) can only carry so much on their backs. You might not be able to even empty a Level 1 plot in one go. That is perfectly understandable. To improve this, you can start training more troops, develop your technology, and equip your Officer with appropriate equipment (we will discuss all this in later posts).

Note: It is highly recommended to empty each resource plot you have started to farm. This will allow new resource plots to spawn in your area and State in general. Emptying resource plots is also a show of common courtesy to the other players, don’t you think? 🙂


Resource plots are tagged when occupied – Red with bullets crossed if it is occupied by an opposing alliance, blue if occupied by you or an alliance member. Aside from the color of the tag, you will also know it is occupied by an opposing alliance if you can scout or attack the plot. You cannot do this with plots occupied by your alliance members.

Note: You can attack a resource plot to take over it. However, you won’t be able to get whatever resources the previous player was able to farm.

Tip: It is almost always not worth it to take over farming a resource plot. One is because you won’t get all the resources that plot holds; two, you are only creating an enemy by doing it. The only time it is cool to do it is when your State is at war, or during Cross-State Battles, which we will discuss in future posts.


There are different level zombies (level 1 to 35) roaming outside your City. These zombies drop items which you can use for City development, depending on its level. It also drops boxes of food, which will go to your inventory and can be used anytime you would want to.

Tip: It is best to attack zombies with an Officer and a combination of each type of troop.

You will be given rewards the first time you kill a zombie. These rewards will depend on the level of zombie you killed, and will automatically be added to your inventory. The first five levels of zombies are of course the easiest levels to kill.


Note: They won’t be dropping resources for you yet. But you can only kill say a level 6 zombie if you were able to kill a level 5, a level 7 if you killed a level 6, and so on.

Following are the items dropped by levels 1-5 zombies.


Tip: If you are finding it difficult to find the next level zombie you can kill, you can do these easy steps: find a higher level zombie near you, click on it, and it will direct you to the zombie you are looking for. (e.g., if you need a level 8 zombie, kill any higher level zombie in your vicinity and it will prompt you to kill a level 8 zombie first. It will find you a level 8 zombie after you click “Go to”) This only works for your first kill.

Other items and resources will start to drop from level 6 zombies. It will take much more power to kill them, but each kill will be rewarded handsomely.




Tip: As you progress, your ability to kill higher level zombies increases. However, if you ever found yourself stuck, you can always use Attack and Defense boosts along with Biochemical Potion and marching army boost so you can kill higher level zombies than you usually can. We will talk about these boosts on succeeding posts.

Note: We haven’t killed a level 35 zombie yet. 😦

Following is the first kill reward for zombie levels 30-34. Note how much diamonds and fuel it drops. 😎


Just seeing how much one can get in defeating these zombies make us giddy with excitement. 😀

Attacking Other Cities

Nothing beats the feeling of elation when you are able to hit an opposing City and winning it; the adrenaline rush brought about by the knowledge that once you start attacking someone, you are also making yourself vulnerable for attacks; the thought process that is required to know which battles you can win.

In this game, all the effort you put into developing your City will be tested once you attack or get attacked. But before we go on and talk nonstop about this, we will share with you first how you can get resources from attacking other cities.


  1. Info. It is advisable to check the profile of your target so you can gauge for yourself if you can take him on.
  2. Scout. Depending on the level of your Radar (refer to the next post), you can learn more about your target (troops, bomb, resources available, etc.) when you send a scout prior to attacking him. However, scouting your target also alerts him of your impending attack if he happens to be online.
  3. Missile. Missiles will only be available when you reach base level 22. But for the purposes of our discussion, anyone with missile can hit a desired target even if the target is shielded.
  4. Declare War. You can rally your troops with other alliance members (see, it pays to be a part of an alliance 😉 ) if you deem your target is too strong for you.
  5. Attack. This is where everything boils down to. Clicking on this button will allow you to send troops to hit a target. How much resources you can get from your target will depend on your troop load and how much of your target’s resources are available for the taking (we will discuss this further on the next post).

Tip: Just like in attacking zombies, it is advisable that you send a combination of different types of troops in attacking other Cities. Sending higher level troops maximizes the damage you give, and the amount of resources you can get from each hit.

Note: If you are part of an alliance (which is the best move you could ever make in this game), it is best to ask for permission first from your Alliance Officers (we will discuss this more next time) if you can attack another City. Doing this will prevent any unnecessary war between Alliances.

Exploring the Ruins

Another way to earn resources outside your City is to explore the Ruins. Ruins don’t stay on one location forever. It only has a set number of hours per location where it appears. Once its timer reaches zero, it disappears.


The level of difficulty indicated above doesn’t really equate to how difficult the exploration will be, but only of how long it will take your troops to explore the Ruins.

Whatever exploration you may choose to embark on will earn you resources and EXP. You may recall your troops at any time you would want to.

Note: You can only send one set of troops to the Ruins at any given time.

There is one more thing you can do to earn resources faster, most especially if you are going for higher level bases (buildings and technology get more expensive). This is to create your own farm. Essentially, you will just create a new account and develop it not for combat, but for farming. We will make a separate post on this at a later date. Let us first focus on how we can help you develop the meanest possible City you could ever have. 🙂





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