Raising your Power in Last Empire War Z requires resources. Depending on your base level, this may cost you Fuel, Food, Steel, and Alloy. To get you started, let us brief you on where and how you can get these resources for your upgrades.

There are two areas where you can earn these precious resources – within your City and outside your City. We will limit our discussion on earning your resources within your City on this post.

There are quite a few ways to do this:

I. Your own plots

Your City comes with a level 1 oil well and level 1 farm. Gathering the resources from this plots will allow you to replenish the initial amount of resources (20,000 Fuel and 20,000 Food) given to you to help you develop your City.

You will also have several open plots where you can put more Oil Well and Farm as shown in the image below. These plots however, can also be used to build hospitals and shelters (more on this on a later post). You can also opt to use these plots for Steel Mills (unlocks at base level 10) and Alloy Mines (unlocks at base level 15). It is entirely up to you how you would want to utilize these plots.  in-city-plots

Several areas are also available to unlock more plots:

  1. Area 1 – can be unlocked anytime
  2. Area 2 – unlocks at base level 5
  3. Area 3 – unlocks at base level 10
  4. Area 4 – unlocks at base level 15

Tip: We usually build 5-7 of each type of resource plots in our City. This allows us to gather sufficient amounts of each resource type for City development.

You can upgrade your resource plots up to level 30. The higher the level of each plot, the more resources it generates and the higher amount of resources it can hold. Shown below are the respective income/hr, capacity, and power of each type of resource plot you can build.





These values are your base income/hr. Your income on each of these resource plots may increase if you use boosts which you can get from the Shooting Range or the Speaker, by buying it from the Travelling Merchant, by using diamonds, by using suits (refer to later posts), or by developing your technology for resources (more on this on later posts).

Tip: We found that it is more worth it to use boosts that we get from Shooting Range and Speaker when our resource plots are at least level 15. This is because the higher the level of your resource plot, the higher the amount of diamonds needed to boost your plot. It saves us diamonds when do this.

You can always see this information by going to your resource plot and clicking on the detail icon as shown below:


II. Missions

Your mission, if you wish to accept it (sorry, can’t resist lol), can be found at the lower left corner of your screen:


Following these missions not only gets your power up, it also gives you resources, EXP and other items as a reward.


Awesome, right?

Note: You can opt not to do everything on the list, as it is not required. So don’t feel bad when you can’t do them all.

III. Rescue Center

Your City’s Rescue Center unlocks at base level 4. All you have to do is click on the chopper, and start any of the Adventure Missions set for you. You will have 10 adventure missions per day, and each give out different rewards. Just in case you didn’t like the rewards available, you can click on the free refresh button and you’ll get a new set of adventure missions and rewards. However, you can do this only once. Next refresh will cost you 200 diamonds a pop (we haven’t tried this yet, so we don’t know if it costs more the more you refresh).rescue-center

Tip: Rescue Center gives out practice rounds (bullets you can use in Shooting Range) and virus stock you can use to upgrade your Biochemical Center (more on this later). It pays to go to Rescue Center and finish all 10 adventure missions everyday.

IV. Shooting Range

It is easy to get resources and other items from your Shooting Range (unlocks at base level 6). All you need to have are practice rounds which you can get from your Rescue Center, Activity Center (see below), the store, target sheets, and other in-app purchases (more on this later).


When you click on your Shooting Range, the rewards that you can get will appear. You can either:

  1. Replace your target sheets if you don’t like what’s in store for you (free for one-time replacement); or
  2. Begin your target practice.

Tip: If you ran out of free refreshes, you can always shoot one target and end practice. You’ll then get a new set of targets.

When you decide to go ahead and begin,shooting-range-2

  1. You will need a minimum of 100 practice rounds to start your target practice. The amount of practice rounds required increases as you continue.
  2. This is the amount of practice rounds you have.
  3. If you need more practice rounds, you can always use this button to buy more, or use whatever you have in your inventory.
  4. Your target sheets will obviously not show what you will get. This is where we say, practice at your own risk. 😉
  5. You can end your practice at any time. If you feel like the remaining rewards are not worth the practice rounds, then by all means press this little button and start a new one. 🙂
  6. We sometimes forget what are the rewards in store for us. So we check this little button from time to time to make sure that we at least have an idea on what we are about to get.
  7. Any reward you earned will automatically be stored in your inventory. For your convenience, it will also be shown here. Bear in mind, however, that even if you haven’t ended your target shooting yet, you may be able to use the items you already have.

Tip: It is oftentimes not worth it to finish all of your target sheets for the simple reason that it costs too much practice rounds. We sometimes just click on 1-3 target sheets before we end our practice session and move on.

V. Help Center

Your City’s Help Center unlocks at base level 7. You can put it anywhere in your City, as long as it is inside your walls. Help Center is an awesome addition to your City because it gives out free wishes everyday. You can use each wish to get whatever resource you need (It doesn’t include diamonds, though. Bummer).


The number of wishes, as well as how much resources you can get, depends on the level of your Help Center, as shown below:


Note: Free wishes reset everyday. So even if you weren’t able to use up all your free wishes within the day, it won’t add up to the free wishes you will be given the following day.

Your City won’t require steel if your base level is below 10, and alloy if your base level is below 15. If you built your Help Center right after it is unlocked (base level 7), you won’t be able to get steel or alloy from the Help Center. All your free wishes will be spent only on Fuel and Food. Once you ran out of free wishes, you can still get resources from the Help Center if you have diamonds to spend.

However, notice how there is a discrepancy between the amount of alloy you can get from the Help Center as shown in the picture above, versus on the stated amount you should be getting from the table. This is because each time you use your free wish (or diamond) to get alloy (or whatever resource you may wish to get), the amount of resource you will get on the next click increases.

Tip: Once we reached level 10, we mainly used our free wishes for steel. Alloy when we reached level 15. This is because it is faster to gather fuel and food than steel or alloy.

Note: We haven’t tried this yet, but we think the maximum number of help you can get from your Help Center is pegged at 200.

VI. Traveling Merchant

Another way to earn resources within your City is via the Traveling Merchant (unlocks at base level 6). In here, you need to spend fuel or diamonds to earn resources and other items (we will put up a post enumerating each item you may find in Last Empire War Z).


Following is an example of what items you can buy from the Merchant. A different Premium Goods is featured each day and it will cost you some diamonds. Just like in the Shooting Range and Rescue Center, you can opt to change the items you can choose to buy from the Merchant (see encircled). You can only refresh for free around 4-5 times before it will cost you 5 diamonds. The cost of refresh increases the more you do this.


This can also get expensive, so be wise on how you spend your fuel or diamonds to get other items and resources.

Tip: We usually just buy speed ups (we will discuss this on a separate post), steel, alloy, or other premium items on sale from the traveling merchant. We also try to see if we are really saving on our purchase instead of spending more if we bought the resources in the store. (We refrain from spending diamonds here.)

VII. Activity Center

Your City comes with an Activity Center, where the developers put out different events which can earn you resources and different items.


The activities they have in store for you vary from time to time. There are special events they hold during special occasions (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, etc.), and there are regular events.


You can participate in almost every event available, most especially if you are a part of an alliance (which we have briefly discussed in our quick start guide for Last Empire War Z).

We won’t be going much into detail about each event, but we will give you Single Player Arms Race as an example. Single Player Arms Race happens regularly. Each arms race lasts for about 2 hours, and each arms race may require you to do a different set of tasks from the previous one.


Each task accomplished gives you points which accumulates and translates into rewards once you reach the minimum required points. An example of the rewards and its corresponding points requirement is shown below:


Tip: If the tasks assigned to you on a current arms race include “Increase Technology Power by 1 point”, and it gives out 150 points, the next arms race will either include “Increase Building Power by 1 point” which will also give you 150 points, or both Technology (120 points) and Building (100 points). Knowing this will allow you to plan your upgrades ahead so you can score those points and get awesome rewards.

Note: The point requirement for each box, and the corresponding rewards depends on your base level.  The higher your base level, the higher the point requirement and the better the rewards.

VIII. Alliance Wages

We have mentioned how important it is to be a part of an alliance. Alliance wages is one of the reasons why. These are tasks you may opt to do not only to earn rewards, but to make sure you are taking steps to make your City and Alliance stronger.

Note: This is only available for those who are part of an alliance.

Alliance Wages may be accessed from your Embassy:


The three categories you can earn your rewards from are: Active, Attendance, and Contribution. In the interest of showing you ways to earn resources from Alliance Wages, we will limit our discussion to Active.

Following are samples of the activities you can do under the Active tab. These activities will be the same everyday, regardless of your base level. However, there are certain activities which will be locked, pending your base upgrade.


Just like what we shared with you in Arms Race, each task under Alliance Wages will earn you points. There are activities which require you to finish the whole task before giving you points, while others give partial points.


Tip: Accomplish as much tasks as you can under Alliance Wages. Just doing these tasks will ensure that you are solidly gaining power to take on other Cities. The resources you get from these tasks, are just a bonus.

So there you have it. These are the ways you can get more resources from within your City. It’s simple and straightforward, isn’t it? All you have to do is take advantage of all the activities and missions provided for you in game, and you’re all set.

As we’ve mentioned at the start of this post, there are two areas where you can get your resources. We have yet to discuss how you can earn outside of your City, so stay tuned for the next post. Meanwhile, use what you have learned from this post (we hope you learned a thing or two) and start earning those resources now. 🙂



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  1. Been playing for about a yr now and I still love reading anything I can get my hands on about this game. Thank you and keep up the good work!😁


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