In our previous post (Getting Into the World of Last Empire-War Z), we have discussed about some of the aspects of the game in general terms to help you jumpstart your journey in the world of zombies. Today, we are going to share with you what you have to do to survive (kindly excuse the drama, lol).

In Last Empire War Z, the most important commodity (so to speak) is Power. You need to develop your power in order to survive in this game. And if you are anything like us, who really dig this kind of games, you need to develop your power fast. The question is, how do you do that?

Let us give you a run through on what gives you power in this game so you’ll understand how it works. We will include short and succinct discussions on each of them, as well. You have to note, though, that each upgrade you will make will cost you resources (more on this on a later post).

To see a more detailed information about your Power, you can go to your Profile and click on Power.


You will see that your Power is dependent on several elements:


  1. Commander Power
  2. Equipment Power
  3. Troop Power
  4. Building Power
  5. Technology Power
  6. Bomb Power
  7. Transformation Power

Let us explain to you briefly what each of these elements are.

Commander and Equipment Power

When you start playing, your City comes with one Officer – Zane. He will be your Commander until you decide to get another one from the store (more on this on a later post). There is a billboard inside your city which you can click on to access your Officer.


We combined Commander and Equipment Power in this item because these two basically pertains to your Officer.


  1. Equipment. There are different suits you can choose from to equip your Officer with: General’s Dress Uniform, Trailblazer, Marauder, Guardian, Engineer, Wanderer, Racer, Biochemist, Battle Master, Normal Gear. Each of these suits has its specific function and can further enhance your Officer’s skills (more on this on another post). Giving your Officer’s skill a boost, makes him more powerful.
  2. Skills. You can choose to develop your officer in three different skill sets: Combat, Develop, Support. Or if you have just one Officer, you  can develop him on all three. We will be discussing Skills more on a separate post.
  3. EXP. Whenever you accomplish a mission, kill zombies in the wild, or explore the ruins, you earn EXP. These are automatically credited to your Officer. However, when you earn your EXP via the Shooting Range, or by purchasing it from the store, you have to manually add it to your Officer by clicking the plus button on your Officer’s screen. The EXP bar, once filled, will level up your Officer and give you Skill Points.
  4. Officers. As I mentioned earlier, once you start playing, you will be given Zane for your Officer. However, you can opt to buy more Officers if you wanted to. Once you have more Officers, you can switch from one Officer to the other on the bottom part of your Officer’s screen. Each Officer you have will have their own EXP bars to fill, and skills to learn.

Tip: Focus on developing your Officer’s skills in one area and use the appropriate suit to further enhance his skills.

Troop Power

In this game, you have troops from Level 1 to Level 10. Troops give the most power, owing to the fact that you train a lot of troops to help you win in battles, and in gathering resources for your City’s development. The level of troops you can train will depend on the level of your training camps – Shooter Camp (Shooters), Warrior Camp (Infantry), Vehicle Factory (Cavalry), Biochemical Center (Zombie). We will help you differentiate each one in detail in a separate post. However, to illustrate how each troop contributes to your overall power, we refer you to the table below:


Building Power

Your City can house a lot of buildings, each of which has its specific function and power. Your City’s main building is your base, which you need to upgrade in order to unlock new buildings and features (detailed discussion about all of the other buildings will be on a separate post).

Illustrated below is how much power your base will have each time you will upgrade it. At the moment, the maximum level of each building you can have is Level 30.



Technology Power

Your technology will make or break you in this game. Each city has an Institute (unlocks at base level 2) where you can research technologies to help make your City a force to reckon with. Another contributing factor is the Alliance Technology you improve together with your team (that’s why it is highly recommended for you to join an alliance).

The technologies you can develop are divided into different categories:

  1. Basic Resources
  2. Basic City Development
  3. Basic Military
  4. Basic City Defense
  5. Advanced Resources
  6. Advanced City Development
  7. Advanced Military Tactics
  8. Advanced City Defense
  9. Basic Defense
  10. Basic Attack
  11. Advanced Military
  12. Advanced Defensive Tactics
  13. Advanced Offensive Tactics
  14. Biochemistry Research
  15. State Conflict
  16. State Battle
  17. Improved Medical Facilities
  18. Elite Military
  19. Strengthen Infantry
  20. Strengthen Shooters
  21. Strengthen Cavalry
  22. Strengthen Zombies

The sequence in which you research your Technology is dependent on your preference (i.e., your strategy), the level of your Institute, as well as the available technologies you already have. We will delve more deeply in this interesting aspect of your City development in another post.

Tip: To ensure that your City is as powerful as it can be, try to upgrade everything that you can (Buildings and Technology), before you build your base to the next level.

Bomb Power

In order to help you in defending your City from attackers, you can build bombs in your Military Factory (unlocks at base level 3). You can build three different types of bombs – Grenade for Infantry, Firebomb for Shooter, and Mine for Cavalry. Just like your troops, each of your bomb has its own combat power.


The maximum number of bombs you can have is dependent on the level of your walls. However, this can be increased by developing your technology. (See how almost everything in this game relates back to your technology? :))

Transformation Power

This has been recently added by the developers to help you further improve the attributes of each of your soldiers. You can access Unit Transformations by going to your Training Camp and clicking on Transformation button as shown below:


Super Batteries, which you can get from the Shooting Range, from the store, or from defeating zombies in the wild, are required to make transformations.

Each transformation you do increases the cost of next transformation. For example, you transform your Shooter by clicking on the Transformation button below. First transformation will cost you 10 Super Batteries. The next transformation will cost you 11 Super Batteries, and so on.


Tip: To save on Super Batteries, you can limit the number of transformations you do in a day. We personally do only up to five transformations per troop per day. The cost of doing transformations resets back to 10 the following day.

To give you an idea on how awesome these transformations are, we enumerated them below:

  1.  Infantry   infantry-transformation
    • Shield – Strong shield that can deflect bullets, reducing damage from Shooters
    •  Armour – Equipped with high-strength armour, greatly improving defense
    • Cell Enhancement – Injected with cell enhancers, greatly increasing HP
    • Armour Piercing – Alloy edged weapons can smash and cut vehicle armor, increasing damage to Cavalry
    • Enhanced Muscles – Injected with muscle enhancing steroids, greatly increasing attack power
    • Power Bash – Chance to deliver a violent blow, dealing huge damage
    • Sacrifice – Reduces incoming damage and protects your other soldiers
    • Stimulant – Epinephrine injection increases both attack power and attack speed to extreme levels for a short time
  2. Shootershooter-transformation

    • Autoloader – New device automatically reloads Shooter weapons. Gives a high chance of 3 consecutive attacks
    • Alloy Bullets – New alloy bullets cause higher damage to all units (except Infantry) and deal extra damage to Cavalry
    • Explosive Rounds – Bullets can explode after hitting the enemy, causing additional heavy damage
    • Large Calibre – Equipped with large calibre rifles, increasing attack power substantially and dealing extra damage to Cavalry
    • Tracer Rounds – Makes identifying and hitting targets easier, greatly increasing range and accuracy
    • Defensive Cover – Take cover behind fortifications, increasing attack power when defending the city
    • Headshot – Increases the chance of headshots, causing fatal injuries to enemy troops
    • Flame Jet – Equipped with a Z1 Flamethrower, burning nearby enemies and causing damage over a wide area
  3. Cavalrycavalry-transformation
    • Charge – Able to break through the enemy’s defenses and directly attack their long-range soldiers
    • Turbocharged – Equipped with turbochargers, substantially increasing marching speed and dealing extra damage to Zombie soldiers
    • On Board Computer – On board computer system allows this vehicle to avoid the enemy attacks in a chaotic battlefield
    • Autocannon – Equipped with a powerful autocannon that can directly attack enemy long-range troops
    • Nitrous Oxide – Equipped with nitrous oxide tanks, giving a substantial increase in marching speed and dealing extra damage to Zombie soldiers
    • Off Road Vehicle – This vehicle can traverse many kinds of difficult terrain, giving it an advantage in resource battles
    • Truck Bomb – Vehicle carries a large amount of C4 explosives. It can charge into enemy lines and blow itself up, causing tremendous damage over a wide area
    • Rolling Pincushion – Equipped with spikes and bladed wheels, smashes and cuts through enemy units, especially front-row defenders
  4. Zombiezombie-transformation
    • Venom – Spits venom capable of causing terrible large-scale damage
    • Disease Cloud – Releases a deadly virus cloud that infects enemy troops, reducing enemy soldier attack and defense, and dealing extra damage to shooters
    • Frenzy – Frenzied zombie crashes through any obstacles on the battlefield. Attacks enemy units at random
    • Biochemical Armour – Mutations in this zombie’s skin allow it to withstand vast damage. Greatly increases its defense when attacking cities
    • Dismemberment – Chops through the enemy’s defenses causing huge damage and increases damage to Shooters
    • Battering Ram – Uses its strong body to crash into the enemy and cause vast damage
    • Bloodthirsty – The scent of blood enrages this Zombie, greatly increases its attack and defense power
    • Undead – After being killed in battle, mutations in the zombie virus can cause this unit to come back to life and continue to fight

So basically, Last Empire War Z is all about how much power you have and where your power is coming from. We personally believe that upgrading your technology is worth every single resource you will ever spend. It will give your City an edge over the others who are of the same level as you are. You may even defeat those with higher level bases if your technology is as solid as it can be.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and build your power up, now! 🙂



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