Just like any other strategy game, there are different ways to play Last Empire-War Z. However, in this post, we will give you the basics on how to play and maximize your experience with the game.

The game is free to download with A LOT of in-app purchases to choose from for faster city development. However, if you don’t like to spend a dime, under budget, or just a cheapskate like us, you can still play this game and ENJOY doing so without spending any money.

Build your base into a mighty fortress. Train a troop of Hit-runners, Warrior, Machine gunner and other fighters. Crush the zombies and any player who stands against you!

Join the alliance and rise through the ranks, or create your own alliance. Killing the zombies is just the first step – your quest isn’t over until your alliance reigns supreme over all others!

Last Empire War Z

Having said that, go ahead and download Last Empire-War Z and let us guide you through this zombie-themed world of mobile strategy game with this quick start guide.

How to Start

If you are fairly new to this game, without friends who can coach you the ins and outs of the game, you can start by following the missions set by the developers in-game. These missions will help you jumpstart your game and let you get the hang of what the game is all about.

It is also imperative that you bind your account so you won’t lose any progress you are making on the game. Binding your account is as easy as one-two-three. Just click on the encircled buttons on your screen as shown below:


You can bind your account with Facebook, Game Center (if you are on iOS), Google Plus (if you are using Android), or your email by creating an Empire War Z account.


If you are to bind your account to your email, you will be asked to create a Last Empire War Z account.


An email will be sent to your registered email address, and all you have to do is verify the account.

Otherwise, you just have to log in to your social media account to protect your game progress.

Once you start playing, your city will automatically be provided with a 3-day shield. This is to protect your newbie journey from attacks. Your newbie journey ends when you start upgrading your base to level 6 or at the end of 3 days, whichever comes first.

Tip: Upgrade all buildings and technology that you can during your newbie journey.

You will also receive some cool stuff from the developers during this phase. Once you upgraded your base to level 2, you will get an advanced teleport which you can use to teleport to another state. So if, for example, you started your journey in State 403 and you have friends in State 329, you can use this advanced teleport to transfer to State 329 and join your friends. How awesome is that?

Tip: Once you hit level 6 or when your 3-day shield expires (whichever comes first), you will not be able to move states. So teleport as soon as you can if you want to change states.

User Interface

You might be excited to read more on how to develop your city, which is perfectly understandable. But before we get into more details about your missions, let us first introduce you to the game interface. We will get into more details for each button in a separate blog post.


  1. Your Profile. This is where you can change your name; bind your account to facebook, google plus, game center, or last empire war z account; see your attributes, check your power, etc.
  2. Resources. This is your dashboard for all the resources that you have.
  3. Power. Your power will give you a feel whether or not you can win against an opponent or not. It is further divided into categories which we will discuss more of in later blog posts.
  4. Diamonds. This shows how much diamonds you have, which you can use to buy items from the store.
  5. In-app Purchases. As mentioned earlier, you can buy different packs with real money if you want to develop your city faster. This is optional, though.
  6. Speaker. This little button calls for and kills zombies in the wild. It gives out cool items too, whenever activated.
  7. Alliance. Aside from in-app purchases, you can also join an alliance to help you achieve your goals faster. Everything about your alliance can be found in this button.
  8. Inbox. Everything from messages, tasks, announcements, etc can be found here.
  9. Items. This is where you will find an inventory of the items that you have, as well as the in-game store.
  10. Skills. You can use this button to activate your Officer’s skills. More on your Officer’s skills later.
  11. Chat Box. Where is the fun in an interactive game if there were no chatbox for in-game communication? 🙂 If you are a part of an alliance (which we strongly recommend), you can chat with all of them here. You can also access the state chat (where you chat with the whole state) from here.
  12. World. This is what you click on when you want to go outside of your city. You can gather resources, kill zombies, explore the ruins, or attack opponents when you go outside. In short, this is where the real action happens.
  13. Mission. In order to guide you on how to develop your cities, im30.net provided these missions for you to accomplish. Each accomplished mission gives you rewards.
  14. Help. If you need more assistance, you can access it here.


When you start a game, you will be assigned a state. Each state is named by number, which really represents the server you are in. If you were able to join a younger state, your state may or may not have its President yet (more on this later).

Each state has numerous alliances, usually represented by three alphanumeric characters, who  are either at peace with or at war with each other.


In order to survive the zombie apocalypse, you will need help from other people. This is where your alliance comes into the picture. You can either create your own alliance, or join an existing alliance in your state. Some alliances require a minimum base and/or power level, while some just accept anyone who wants to join them.

To say that each alliance is different is an understatement. Different rules are in effect on each alliance, when it comes to how they play the game. There are alliances who only accept those who came from their home country, while some accept everyone. Some don’t speak any English at all (you can use the translate function in chat for this), some are predominantly English-speaking people. At the end of the day, you stay in an alliance where you found the right fit.

Having said that, the saying that there is strength in numbers is very apt in this game.

  1. Each alliance has their own technology which they develop to help them become stronger.
  2. You can ask for help from your co-members in building and researching.
  3. You can ask for resources if you are nearing a major upgrade but is short of a few resources (this dynamic is dependent on the alliance you belong to).
  4. You can ask them for tips to maximize your gaming experience.
  5. They can protect you from other alliances.

And of course, you can do the same for them.


There are four types of resources in this game: Fuel, Food, Steel, and Alloy. You need these in developing your city (i.e., upgrading buildings and technology, and training troops).

Resources can either be gathered from the plots inside or outside your city, or earned from missions set by the developers.


There are several buildings you need to build to help you with defense or in further developing your city. The type of building you can construct is always dependent on your base level.

Tip: The most important buildings you need to develop first along with your Base are your Logistics Center, Depot, Radar, and Cafeteria.

We will discuss each building further on a separate blog post.


The type of technology you were able to develop and improve on will make or break you in this game. There are instances where a higher level base was defeated by a much lower level base because the latter has better technology than the former.

Tip: Develop your resource technology first to enable you to gather resources faster.

So now, you are all set to start and enjoy playing Last Empire War Z. Woooot! We highly encourage you to follow our blog (shameless plugging here, teehee) to be the first to know of new posts and updates discussing in detail all you need to know about this game.






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